The Topper Pride Award is given to one student from each grade level once a month. Nominations are submitted by faculty for a student showing exemplified characteristics in leadership, attitude, and direction.  This could be an ongoing act or a random specific and deliberate act of kindness.  The winner from each month is nominated by a teacher and then selected by Mrs. Heyen. 





     Jaron Wilson   Jaron Wilson is a senior at Hillsboro High School.  His parents are Chris and Carrie Wilson.  Jaron is member of the High School Choir. In his spare time he likes to play video games and hang out with friends.  His favorite book series is Harry Potter.  What motives Jaron to succeed is his family and friends especially his girlfriend Keltney who helps him to stay on track.  Advice he would give to other students would be to try your best and learn from your mistakes.  Jaron’s favorite inspirational quote is “The past is behind, learn from it.  The future is ahead, prepare for it.  The present is here, live it.”  His future plan is to become an Aerospace Engineer.



    Jack Combs   Jack Combs son of Jeff and Mary Combs is a sophomore at Hillsboro High School.  He likes to hang out with his friends and play videogames. Two songs Jack really like are “I want it that way” by the Back Street Boys and “Africa” by Toto.  He would like to visit Egypt someday. People who motivate Jack are his family and friends but especially his mom because she is always there for him, helping and pushing him forward when he needs it most.  Advice to other students is to just be happy and see some sort of light in a dark situation.  Jack’s inspirational quote is, “The only man whomever makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”  Plans for after high school are undecided but he might move out west and become an actor or something.


    Jade Christian   Jade Christian is a sophomore at Hillsboro High School.  She is the daughter of Bill and Heidi Christian.  She enjoys reading non-fiction books and listening to hip hop music.  A celebrity she would like to meet one day is James Charles.  At school Jade is involved in dance team and is a member of the girls’ soccer team.  Her advice to other students is be kind and make new friends.  One person Jade would like to give a shout out to Layla May for always pushing her.  Also she would like to acknowledge her family and friends for motivating her to succeed in life.  An inspirational quote the Jade likes is, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”  Her plan after high school is to enroll in a law enforcement program. 



     Aaron Hartling   Aaron Hartline is the son of Teresa Hartline.  He is a freshmen at Hillsboro High School.   In Aaron’s spare time he likes to play video games.  Captain Underpants is one of his favorite books.  He listens to rap music and would like to meet Jessie Baron someday.  Aaron’s mom motivates him to succeed in life.  Visiting New York City is something he would like to do someday.  His advice to other students is do your best!  After high school Aaron would like to get an apartment and work at Game Stop.




Last Modified on October 9, 2018