• 2016-2017 TOP TOPPERS AT HHS

     The Top Topper is awarded monthly to an HHS student showing exemplified characteristics in leadership, attitude, and direction.  Teachers of HHS nominate students with administration making the final decision.


  •  maddimiller




  • Madison Miller is the daughter of Jason and Michelle Miller.  Madison plays basketball and volleyball at Hillsboro High School. Madison enjoys a variety of music and she enjoys any book that Mrs. Powell will read to them.  Madison says her family and her coaches are the people who help her succeed in life.  Her advice to other students is to be a part of something in high school, you only get four years and they fly by.  She likes the life motto of do whatever makes you happy.  Madison would like to give a shout out to Ms. Kumlin because she will refer to Madison as a princess.  After high school Madison would like to go to a four year college out of Illinois.

  • Taylor Uhlry is the daughter of Richard Uhlry and Debe Uhlry.  Taylor's favorite class is child care because she enjoys working with children. Taylor is an FCCLA member at HHS and she enjoys spending time with friends and reading.  Her boyfriend motivates her in life to keep going and stay positive.  Taylor's advice to other students is to always try your hardest and keep your grades up because grades are very important. Her life motto is to be thankful for the difficult people in your life, they will you exactly who you want and do not want to be.  Taylor would like to give a shout out to Ms. Kumlin for being an awesome teacher and for dealing with crazy students.  After high school Taylor would like to become a registered nurse by attending Lincoln Land Community College.

  • Aaron Alverson is the son of Tim and Susan Alverson. Aaron enjoys all of classes at HHS and he likes to read classic books.  Aaron enjoys many different types of music, especially pop music to listen to his spare time. He also enjoys acting. At HHS Aaron is involved with choir, operetta, and the Variety Show.  Aaron says his parents have always inspired him to blaze his own trail. Aaron's advice to others is to stay positive, work hard, and be kind. Aaron's inspirational quote is "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them"--Walt Disney. Aaron would like to give a shout out to Mrs. Powell for always being positive and supportive.  After high school Aaron would like to attend a university to major in Zoology. 

  • Baylie Moore is the daughter of Jim and Shannon Moore.  Baylie enjoys playing soccer, reading, and watching Netflix.  One of her favorite books is "Breakaway" by Alex Morgan. Baylie is a member FCCLA at Hillsboro High School.  Baylie states that Mrs. Powell motivates her to study and pass all of her classes.  Baylie's advice for other students is to study and pass all of your classes.  Baylie's inspirational quote is "Whatever brings you down will eventually make you stronger".  Baylie would like to give a shout out to her best friend, Kaitlin Robinson. Baylie would like to thank Kaitlin for always being there for her.  After high school Baylie would like to go to college and pursue a career in physical therapy.

  • Nic Ondrey is the son of Michelle and Kelly Ondrey.  Nic's favorite class is Algebra with Ms. Reid. Nic enjoys riding his dirt bike and playing baseball.  He is on the HHS basketball team.  Nic likes all types of music and enjoys reading books about sports.  Nic says his sister motivates him to succeed in life.  Nic's advice to other students is to work hard and it will pay off later. Nic's life motto is: "I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying." Nic would like to give a shout out to his parents for teaching him to always work hard.  After high school Nic plans on going to college.

Last Modified on November 28, 2016