• Topper Pride Winner for 4th Quarter Announced by Hillsboro High School

    smailDillon Smail is our senior Topper Pride recipient for the 4th quarter at Hillsboro High School.  Dillon is the son of Carrie and Donovan Smail.  Dillon was nominated for this award for always being willing to help other students.  Dillon reports his favorite class is Mr. Garmon’s because they are always so interesting.  Dillon enjoys playing baseball, hanging out with friends and spending time with family.  At HHS, Dillon played in the golf team, baseball team, and the basketball team.  In addition, Dillon was in the National Honor Society and Student Council.  Dillon’s advice to other students is to “work hard”.  After high school, Dillon plans to attend St. Charles Community College to play baseball and study Exercise Science or Sports Medicine. And last, but not least, Dillon would like to give a shout out to his parents.  Dillon says his parents do a lot for him and he is extremely thankful. 

    smithTaelyn Smith is the junior Topper Pride recipient for the 4th quarter at HHS.  Taelyn is the daughter of Gina and Kevin Smith.  While at HHS, Taelyn has played volleyball and softball.  She was nominated for the Topper Pride Award for her positive attitude and excellent communication skills.  Taelyn reports that the best part of HHS is having teachers that support you and help you the best they can.  In her spare time, she enjoys playing softball and hanging out with her family and friends.  Taelyn’s advice is for her brother, Kaeden Smith.  Her advice to him is to enjoy high school while you can, because one day you will miss it.  Taelyn would like to give a shout out to Landon Reincke and Reese Morford for always playing catch in Mr. Garmon’s Anatomy Class and keeping it interesting.  After high school graduation, Taelyn plans to go to a four-year college to play softball and study to be something in the medical field and/or the science field. 

    olsonAurora Olson is the sophomore Topper Pride recipient for the 4th quarter at HHS.  Aurora is the daughter of Jessica Scroggins.  Aurora’s favorite part of high school is how there are so many good teachers that you can talk to and are so supportive of every student.  Aurora enjoys hanging out with friends and exploring new things to do.  She also enjoys listening to music by Nirvana and Michael Jackson.  After high school, Aurora plans on going to college, but not sure for what at this time.  Aurora would like to give a shout out to Samara Rogers.  Samara is a very strong person, she can be trusted, and she is always willing to help others. 


    fulhorstZoe Fulhorst is our freshman Topper Pride recipient for the 4th quarter at HHS. Zoe is the daughter of Alyson and Josh Fulhorst.  Zoe was nominated for being so encouraging and helpful in math class.  She is able to explain concepts to others to demonstrate characteristics of a professional teacher. Zoe’s favorite part of high school is the teachers, because they are so nice and helpful.  In Zoe’s spare time she reads, hangs out with family, watches TV, and loves to sleep.  Zoe is on the HHS cheerleading team.  Her advice to others is to work to get good grades.  After high school, Zoe plans on going to college to become a forensic pathologist or involved in OB-GYN.  Zoe’s shout out is to Audrey Shultz because she is an amazing friend and she tries her best in school too.



Last Modified on June 11, 2022