• CNB Bank & Trust of Hillsboro
    2018 Student of the Month Award Winners

    Each Month:  November – April  ($50/gift card)

    Student of the Year  ($500 scholarship)


    The Student of the Month Program is sponsored by CNB Bank & Trust of Hillsboro.  Its purpose is to recognize outstanding senior students in a variety of areas from the Hillsboro School District.  Six individuals will be chosen during the school year to be student of the month from November to April and will receive $50 gift card.  At the end of the selection process, all applications received throughout the year will be considered for a $500.00 scholarship to the college or trade school of the winner’s choice.

    Selection for the Student of the Month will be based on a “point system” by the Student of the Month Committee.  Points are to be based on the following (max points per category): 

    A. Class Rank (45 pts)
    B. Judge’s Opinion (20 pts)
    C. Student Government (10 pts) CNB
    D. Community Service (10 pts)
    E. Sports (8 pts)
    F. Music, Arts, Theatre (8 pts)
    G. Work (5 pts)
    H. Clubs (5 pts)
    November Student of the Month
                Kaili Hanner
    Father:  Steven Hanner
    Mother:  Tamara Hanner
    Siblings:  Karli Hanner, Kaydi Hanner
    DECEMBER Student of the Month
                     Elijah Atkins
    Father:  Brian Atkins
    Mother:  Deborah Atkins
    Sibling:  Isaiah Atkins, Chloe Atkins, Josiah Atkins
    JANUARY Student of the Month
     To Be Announce

    FEBRUARY Student of the Month

     To Be Announce
    MARCH Student of the Month
     To Be Announce

    APRIL Student of the Month
    To Be Announce
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