• 4th Quarter Topper Pride Recipients for 2023-2024 School Year


    Donald Buske


    Donald Buske, a senior at HHS, is recognized for his outstanding character and contributions.  He is honored with the prestigious Topper Pride award during his final quarter of his senior year. Donald is the son of Michael Patch and Tiffany Patch.  He enjoys singing and spending time with friends and family. His favorite part of high school is finding new friendships.  In Donald’s spare time he likes to sit back and listen to music as he reads a book or plays a game. In addition, he is an active member in the HHS Concert Choir.  Donald’s advice to other students is, it does not matter how popular you are or who you hang out with, it matters what you think of yourself and who you see in yourself.  Donald plans to be an EMT and help save lives.  Donald would like to give a shout out to Tyler Gene Rufus for being a true friend and always being by his side.



    Shelby Kaliyan


    Shelby Kaliyan, a junior at HHS, has been named the recipient for the Topper Pride award this last quarter of the 2023-2024 school year.  Shelby is the daughter of Cathy Kaliyan.  Shelby enjoys swimming, going on walks, traveling and much more.  Her favorite part of Hillsboro High School is the opportunities they give their students. She enjoyed attending OKAW in Vandalia this school year.  Next year she plans to complete the CEO program.  Her advice to classmates is to be nice to others!  After high school, Shelby plans to go to continue her education in college studying business.


    Mark Mattson


    Mark Mattson is the sophomore recipient of the Topper Pride Award at HHS for the fourth quarter of the school year.  Mark is the son of Dave and Erin Mattson.  Mark has two sisters, one brother and two dogs.  He really enjoys hanging out with friends and competing in sports. Mark is on the HHS soccer team, basketball team, and tennis team. He is also a member of the HHS band, Chamber Choir, and Sources of Strength program.  Mark enjoys reading books that make you think about real problems.   Mark’s advice to other students is to “start groovin”. After high school he plans to go to college to study engineering. In 5 years, Mark sees himself in college having a great time.  Mark would like to give a shout out to Owen Earnest because Owen is a great guy and is always fun to be around. 


    Owen Earnest


    Owen Earnest is our freshman Topper Pride Award recipient.  Owen is the son of Scott Earnest and Megan Earnest.  Owen likes spending time with family and friends.  His favorite part of HHS is socializing with everyone and making new friends.  In his spare time he likes listening to music, practicing his instrument, and playing video games. His freshman year he was a part of the HHS band, choir and Sources of Strength. Owen’s advice to others is to be nice to everybody including people in your activities--you never know when you will make a new friend. After high school, Owen sees himself living in a nice house or apartment with a job he enjoys. Owen would like to give a shout out to Mark Mattson and congratulate him on getting the Topper Pride Award!!!


Last Modified on May 16, 2024