• Allyson DeVore


    Allyson Devore is a senior this year at HHS.  She is the daughter of Tom Devore and Katya King.  Allyson was nominated by an HHS teacher who said this: "Ally has demonstrated a level of enthusiasm for her current research-based argument project that truly places her efforts in the "above and beyond" category. At this point in the semester, she has already interviewed a former HHS teacher about the value of learning Mythology and conducted local research among students and teachers.

    Ally approaches what some might view as "extra work" with an attitude of "I can" and "I get to" do this, as opposed to "I have to." Her enthusiasm for her project has been contagious, leading to an overall sense of excitement and ownership from all students in her section. It's also quite touching that, as an outgoing HHS student, she is advocating for the implementation of a course that she believes will add value to our curriculum. This selfless choice shows that she cares about the future of HHS."

    Allyson reports her favorite subjects are Physics class with Mr. Garmon and Spanish 4.  Allyson's family is very important to her and on most days you can find her with her siblings-Tommy and Madi.  Allyson is very proud to be a Topper!  She says the way "we all come together and celebrate who we are" at Hillsboro High School is her favorite.  There are no boring days around HHS and she enjoys the strong support from our community.  In her spare time she enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, softball, competing in Scholar Bowl, Debate Club, Accounting Club, and Student Council.  Allyson's advice to other students is to enjoy every moment-no matter how small. Allyson would like to give a shout out to her sister, Madi, for being her best friends and dealing with her every day.   After high school, Allyson will be attending the University of Missouri to pursue a degree in business.  


    Quaid Floyd


    Quaid Floyd is the son of Meta Jo and Bruce Floyd.  Quaid is currently a junior at Hillsboro High School and was nominated by a teacher who said Quaid is so helpful in class.  Quaid will be on the Bass Fishing Team this year.  Quaid enjoys playing video games, being outdoors, cooking, and playing the piano.  He also has three swordtails (little orange fish).  He loves being part of the HHS community also.  He says there are a lot of really cool people at HHS and he loves to hear their stories.  In his spare time he enjoys reading about physics and chemistry.  Favorite music is by George Jones, The Clash and Kool and the Gang.  His advice to other HHS students is to "use the door on the right, not the left!".  Quaid would like to give a shout out to Riley Dugan for being that person I would stay up all night with playing video games. After high school, Quaid plans on going to college at SIUC for a Business degree.  

    Cameron Hacke


    Cameron Hacke is a sophomore at Hillsboro High School and his parents are Kyle and Amy Hacke.  Cameron was nominated by a teacher for this award by saying how he has taken some underclassmen under his wing to help them and increase their knowledge and skill level without any direction from teachers-quite an admirable trait.  Cameron's actions have directly impacted the daily activities for those students in a positive manner. Cameron likes to hunt and play sports.  He is involved in the baseball and football program at HHS.  Cameron also enjoys hanging out with his friends and his three dogs.  Cameron's favorite music is Mud Digger by Lenny Cooper, Sam Stone by John Prime and Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins.  Cameron would like to give a shout out to Jaben Compton for being a good friend.  After high school Cameron plans on attending college.  

    Summer Smith


    Summer Smith is currently a sophomore at HHS and her parents are Robert and Laura Smith. Summer was nominated for this award by a teacher who said this:  "Summer used her time and talent to make the shirts for our Sources of Strength Adult Advisors and Peer Leaders"-the shirts were awesome by the way.  A little about Summer is she loves to spend time with her family and her German Shepherd named Waylon.  Summer is involved in softball at HHS and an all star cheerleader for Midwest Royals.  Summer is an entrepreneur who owns her own company, One Life Apparel, that is solely focused on spreading awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.  Summer is also a board member for the Crossover Ministries mental health association and a member of the Sources of Strength Hillsboro, IL group.  Summer actively pursues spreading kindness and positivity wherever she goes.  Summer loves mysteries books and her music choices are usually AC/DC or Morgan Wallen.  Her advice to other students is to realize how important they are and everyone has the ability to make a positive impact in this world. Summer would like to give a shout out to Nick Hockett because he is such a hard worker, kindhearted and one of a kind human.  After high school she plans on going to Vanderbilt University and pursue orthodontistry.     

    McKenzie Raymond


    McKenzie is a freshman at Hillsboro High School.  Her parents are Keith Raymond and Jewell Scheifer. McKenzie was nominated by a teacher who said McKenzie is so thoughtful and helpful to other students during class time without being asked.  She is sincerely a good person.  McKenzie says she enjoys sleeping and hanging out with her family and friends.  She especially likes to hang out with Hazel, her niece.  McKenzie would like to give a shout out to Tyler Beard for being such a great friend.  McKenzie plans after high school are undecided.  



Last Modified on March 26, 2021