• 2015-2016 TOP TOPPERS AT HHS

    The Top Topper is awarded monthly to an HHS student showing exemplified characteristics in leadership, attitude, and direction.  Teachers of HHS nominate students with administration making the final decision.
  • May
  • emily  
  • Emily Donaldson was chosen for May’s Top Topper to represent the senior class at HHS. Emily is the daughter of Douglas and Melissa Donaldson. Her favorite class at HHS is American Government because her teacher is cool. In her spare time she likes to play basketball, sing, ballroom dancing, read poetry, and knit. Emily enjoys reading and she is also involved in Choir and Operetta at HHS. Her favorite song is the National Anthem. Darius Rucker motivates her to succeed in life. Her advice to other students is “youth is forever fleeting”. Her inspirational quote is “you only have to believe if you wish to achieve” – Andy Samberg. She would like to give a shout out to Mr. Vaughn for keeping it real. Her plans for after high school are to try not to die. 
  • Nicole Boyd is the Junior Top Topper for May. Her parents are Carolyn Boyd and Archie Weinert. Nicole’s favorite class is Pre Cal because she likes a challenge and Mrs. Boston is the best. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys reading, hanging out with Macenzie Knox, eating pizza, and watching Netflix. Nicole enjoys reading The Hush, Hush series and the Tigers Curse series. While attending HHS Nicole has been a part of the Volleyball team and Hiltop. Her favorite song is “If I die young” by The Band Perry. People who don’t believe in me, motivate me to prove them wrong.. Her advice for other students is “If you do your homework, you won’t fail”. An inspirational quote Nicole likes is “Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth” by Marcus Avrelius. Nicole wants to give a shout out to Macenzie Knox because she is her best friend and Nicole would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for Macenzie! Nicole’s plans after high school are to get her master’s degree in Accounting. 
  • Alyssa Kennedy has been chosen as the sophomore Top Topper for the month of April. She is the daughter of Cindy and Teddy Kennedy. Her favorite class is Art because she likes to draw. In her spare time, Kennedy likes to listen to rap music. A book she enjoys reading is The Child Called “It.  Kennedy’s family motivates her to succeed in life. Her advice to other students is “be organized and do your work.” She likes the inspirational quote “We were born to be real not to be perfect.” Her plans after high school is to go to college. She would like to give a shout out to her aunt who is getting ready to have a baby!


  • Destiny Griffith was chosen to represent the freshman class as the Top Topper for the month of May at HHS. Destiny is the daughter of Robin Hammond and James Griffith. Her favorite class is art because she enjoys drawing and generally just likes the class. In her spare time she cooks, reads, writes, and skateboards. The books she enjoys reading are horror stories. Her favorite song is Sounds of Silence. She is motivated by her grandparents. Her advice she would give to other students is “just wing it.” The inspirational quote she likes is “always watching, no eyes.” Her shout out is to Katie because why not. Her plans after high school is to join the Navy or Air Force. 

Last Modified on May 5, 2016