• HHS Topper Pride Award 
    Recipients for February


    The Topper Pride Award is given to one student from each grade level once a month. Nominations are submitted by faculty for a student showing exemplified characteristics in leadership, attitude, and direction.  It may be an ongoing act and/or one specific and deliberate act of random kindness.  Following teacher nominations, a monthly winner is selected by Mrs. Heyen. 












    Emily Reynolds is the chosen senior for the Topper Pride Award this month at Hillsboro High School.  Emily is the daughter of Tim and Ann Reynolds.  Emily enjoys basketball and volleyball.  In addition to her sports, Emily also is a member of the Interact Club, Black Tide, Student Council and the National Honor Society.  Her plans after high school are to attend Lincoln Land Community College and then transfer to Southeast Missouri State University.  Emily plans to graduate from the nursing program and someday become a nurse practitioner.  Emily said she loves to craft, read, travel, try new things and drink coffee—with Original Creamer!!  Emily’s favorite part of HHS is the teachers.  Emily states the teachers make the school and she has been blessed with four years of their kindness.  Emily’s advice to underclassmen would be to live in the moment.  Time flies by, and simple things like going to games or dances really helps embellish your time at HHS. 


    Isaac Sheldon represents the junior class this month for the Topper Pride Award.  Isaac is the son of Tim Sheldon and the late Valerie Sheldon.  Isaac enjoys culinary arts class the most at Hillsboro High School and would someday like to become a culinary arts teacher.  Isaac enjoys spending time with his family and he also enjoys 70’s and 80’s music.  His advice to others is “Don’t be so hard on yourself. It will all work out in the end.” 





    Dillon Smail is the sophomore Topper Pride recipient for HHS this month.  Dillon is the son of Donovan and Carrie Smail.  Donovan plays golf, basketball, and baseball at HHS.  His favorite class this year is Chemistry with Mr. Cruse.  Dillon says he spends his free time playing sports and hanging out with his friends.  Dillon enjoys reading The Ranger’s Apprentice Series.   Dillon’s advice to others is to work hard and don’t be lazy.  Dillons would like to thank his parents for always being there for him and encouraging him at whatever he chooses to do.  In the future, Dillon would like to become a physical therapist or an accountant and play college baseball. 



    Aiden Swick was chosen to receive the freshman Topper Pride award this month of February at Hillsboro High School.  Aiden is the son of Mandy Freer and Jacob Swick and lives in a house with them and seven siblings.  Aiden is the tallest in his family and he likes to be known as being positive.  Aiden enjoys listening to music and drawing.  Aiden is also in marching band, concert band, and pep band.  He plays the trumpet.  Aiden’s advice to others is to be nice.   Aiden would like to give a shout out to his parents.  He says they have helped him grow into the person that he is today and he really owes it all to them.  Aiden says his parents constantly encourage him to be the best person he can be.   

Last Modified on February 27, 2020