• HHS Topper Pride Award 
    Recipients for January


    The Topper Pride Award is given to one student from each grade level once a month. Nominations are submitted by faculty for a student showing exemplified characteristics in leadership, attitude, and direction.  It may be an ongoing act and/or one specific and deliberate act of random kindness.  Following teacher nominations, a monthly winner is selected by Mrs. Heyen. 
















  • Erin Kistner is a senior at Hillsboro HIgh School and is the daughter of Tom and Denise Kistner. Erin is currently involved in Interact Club, Student Council, and Golf in Hillsboro.  In Erin’s spare time she enjoys practicing golf and hanging out with her friends. Erin likes to read the book, The Notebook by Nicholos Sparks. Erin's favorite part of the day is Government with Mr. Lunz because he is a great teacher. The advice that Erin would like to give to other students is “be as involved in as much as you can”. After graduating high school, Erin plans to attend Parkland Community College and study Ag Communications.  One day, Erin hopes to become a broadcaster. 


    Dalton Taylor is a junior at Hillsboro High School.  Dalton is the son of Robert and Amy Taylor.  Dalton’s favorite class at HHS is PE because he enjoys being active.  Dalton likes to hang out with his friends in his free time.  He also enjoys reading books about crime and watching crime shows on television.  After high school, Dalton would like to get a job and make good money.  He would like his job to be in big machinery.  Dalton also enjoys listening to all kinds of rap music.  Dalton says his dad motivates him in life to work hard.  Dalton would like to give a shout out to Noah Honchell because he has always been a good friend to him. 


    KeeAira Potochney is a sophomore at HHS.  KeeAira is the daughter of Angela Potochney. Currently KeeAira is a Student Ambassador at HHS. In her spare time KeeAira likes to go to the park and hang out with her friends. KeeAira's favorite music to listen to is Pop. The person that KeeAira would like to give a shout out to is Aliyah Trader because she easily gets her through the day and makes her laugh. KeeAira's favorite part of the day is “seeing all of my friends because they help me get through the day.” The advice that KeeAira would like to give to other students is “don't give up no matter how hard it is. Life is short and don't waste it and make people miss you.” KeeAira said if she won a million dollars she would give money to shelters to help people or even start a shelter on her own.  After graduating high school, KeeAira would like to go to college in pre-med. 


    Graceyn Young is a freshman and is the daughter of Brandi and Trevor Young. Currently she is involved in Art. In her spare time, Graceyn likes to paint and attempt to teach her Betta fish how to jump through a hoop.  Graceyn likes a variety of books and music.  The person that Gracelyn would like to give a shoutout to Allie Krummel because she pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and also gets me to enjoy life more. The advice that Gracelyn would like to give to other students is ̈Try your best, and work through the tough times, happy times outshine the bad times .¨ Gracelyn was asked what she would do if she won a million dollars and she responded ¨I would start an animal rescue center for all animals. After graduating high school Gracelyn would like to go to college and become a paleontologist.




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