The Top Topper is awarded monthly to an HHS student showing exemplified characteristics in leadership, attitude, and direction.  Teachers of HHS nominate students with administration making the final decision.

    Hillsboro High School Top Topper Program strives to improve school climate through recognizing students for their acts of kindness and other good deeds that are performed on campus.  Established last year this program is supported by local businesses.  The Orpheum Theatre, Westside Cinema, Gianni's Pizza, Hardee's, McDonald's, Subway, Pizza Man, Pizza Hut, and Little Italy's have all provided Top Toppers with a night out on the town with dinner and a movie.  To be eligible, students are nominated by a high school staff member each month.  The idea behind the Top Topper Program was to reward behavior that is often over-looked.  There is hope that the program will grow to the point that it creates a positive school climate of connected individuals.  Gandhi suggested that one should, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  The Top Topper Program recognizes those who exhibit a willingness to contribute their efforts in making Hillsboro High School a better place. 


    Jesse Glover  
    Chris Storm
    Denzelle Moore
    Lindsey Beers
  • Jesse Glover has been chosen the Senior Top Topper at HHS for the month of March. He is the son of Jaynece Glover.  Jesse's favorite class is band because music has been there for him, so he loves playing it.  He plays the drums and guitar and loves to discover new music in his spare time.  His favorite song is Swing Life Away by Rise Against. He also reads in his spare time.  He likes to read the Psycological Thrillers.  His favorite books are:  Fat Kid Rules the World and Fight Club.  In high school Jesse is involved in band, choir, Rembrandt Society, Scholar Bowl, FFA and A Capella Choir. Travis Barter motivates Jesse to want to do better in life.  Jesse's advice to other students is to "Do Your Homework!" and his inspirational quote is "No sense makes sense." by Charles Manson.  After high school Jessie plans to attend college for Computer Animation.

  • Chris Storm is the junior Top Topper at HHS for the month of March.  Chris is the son of Tim and Sara Storm.  His favorite class is American History because he considers himself a history buff.  In Chris's spare time he enjoys running, swimming and playing the piano.  He also enjoys reading mystery, suspense, and Tom Clancy books are also his favorite.  He listens to classic rock music and his favorite song is You Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC. In high school, Chris is involved in Interact Club and is currently Vice-President of this club. He is also involved in track, choir, and operetta.  His family and friends motivate him in life to succeed.  He gives advice to other students to be productive and to do something with their life. His inspirational quote is "You can't put a limit on anything" by Michael Phelps.  After high school he plans on going to college and studying law or aviation aeronautics. 

  • Denzelle Moore, a sophomore at HHS, is the daughter of Dennis and Felicia Moore and Denzelle has been chosen the Top Topper for the month of March.  Denzelle's favorite class is Biology because Mrs. Greenfield makes it fun and easy to understand all at the same time.  She also likes the pet ferret Mrs. Greenfield brings to class with her.   Denzelle enjoys reading and her favorite book is Kyra and Jason by Dana Davidson. Denzelle is currently involved in basketball at HHS.  Her favorite type of music is Hits music and Hip-Hop R & B. Her parents motivate her in life to succeed and her advice to other students is to put in the hard work, dedication, and commitment now, to set yourself up for success and achievement later.  Denzelle's inspirational quote is "Life is about drawing without an eraser" by John Gardner.  After high school Denzelle plans to go to college and do something in the medical field. 
  • Lindsay Beers is a freshman at HHS and has been chosen the Top Topper for the month of March.  Lindsay's favorite class is Western Civilization because the past greatly influences the future. In Lindsay's spare time she enjoys playing the piano and creating art via drawing pencils and she belongs to the Rembrandt Society at HHS. Lindsay also enjoys reading high action and fantasy novels and she prefers listening to fast paced instrumental music. Her motivation in life is having the knowledge to know if she doesn't succeed now she may not get very far in life; so she tries very hard now. Her advice to other students is to realize that the worst thing they could ever do is give up. Her inspirational quote is "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."  After high school Lindsay wants to go to college but her major in undecided at this time.  

Last Modified on March 30, 2015