• Illinois State Scholars Announced

    for Class of 2022 at HHS



    Student test scores and class ranks are converted to IL Standard Test Scores (ISTS) and IL Standard Rank Scores.  From those scores, an IL Weighted Selection Score (WSS) cutoff is determined by ISAC.  Students with an ISTS of 30 or higher (ACT score of 30 or better – Junior year only OR converted SAT score to ACT score (conversion table) …the Feb. or April Test dates are used)  are automatically designated as State Scholars.  All other IL State scholars are eligible if they have a WSS that is greater than or equal to this year’s cutoff score of 47.  WSS is derived from adding the ISTS and ISRS (class rank) scores together.  The goal in mind is naming the top 10% of Senior Students in the State of Illinois.  FORMULA 

    The congratulatory letters that were sent to ALL scholars included information regarding a digital Illinois State Scholar badge issued by ISAC. State Scholars can display the badge on their online profiles and social media accounts, and share them with high school counselors, prospective colleges, employers, family members and others. Scholars may access the badges by visiting the State Scholar Badges area of the ISAC Student Portal and then following the on-screen prompts or these instructions.


    Illinois State Scholars from HHS are:  

    Bryce Connor
    Timothy Downen
    Anna Jackson
    Ethan Lentz
    Gavin Matoush
    Dalton Reynolds
    Melissa Rufus
    Dillon Smail


Last Modified on December 7, 2022