• Senior, Damon Stanberry


    Damon's parents are Kathy Everett-Stanberry and Joshua Stanberry.  Damon is the President of the HHS Choir.  Damon is also the leader of the Tenor Section in choir.  In addition, Damon is the Vice President of the Art Club.  Damon's favorite books are "They Both Die at the End" and "Heartstopper".  His favorite music is "How Bad Can I Be" from the Lorax; "Limelight" by Rush; "Thank you, Next" by Ariana Grande; and "SneakerNight" by Vanessa Hudgens.  Damon enjoys drawing, painting and playing video games.  Damon's favorite class is anything taught by Mrs. Powell because she is so exciting and brings so much energy to everything throughout the day.  Damon's future plans include attending Bradley University to study Game Art and Design.  In five years, Damon would like to be working at a game studio making games for people to enjoy.  Damon would like to give a shoutout to all of his closest friends: Alexander Sticha, Lily Churchwell, Madi Klump, Morgan Jarell, Noah Atkinson, and of course my Culinary Class Group.

    Junior, Kaley LaBlance


    Kaley's parents are Stacey and Matt Warren and the late Michael LaBlance.  Kaley loves sunflowers and pandas.  She also loves working for what she has, such as her car.  She also likes to paint a little bit of everything, except people.  Kaley's favorite part of high school is the teachers.  Kaley reports the teachers are great at teaching things and helping her to understand.  Kaley is a member of the yearbook staff at HHS and she enjoys tutoring other students to help them understand their school work. Kaley's advice to others is to not be afraid because you will regret it in the future. Her advice to others is to be bold, be loud and be you.  Do not back down because your friend is not doing something you want to do because it is interesting and will make you happy.  After high school, Kaley would like to go to college to be a high school or middle school math teacher because she loves her math teachers and she loves math or she might become a police officer. Kaley would like to give a shout out to Mr. Burge because he helps her understand Pre-Calculus, to Mrs. Hires because she lets her talk to her about what is on her mind, and to Mrs. Watson who allowed us time to write often and talk about things that were serious which in turn helped Kaley to sort through her life. Kaley loves to help anyone who needs it and she is a very family oriented person who is a huge momma's girl.  

    Sophomore, Chase Saathoff


    Chase's parents are Mike and Bobbi Saathoff.  Chase also says when explaining a little bit about himself--he enjoys racing dirt bikes.  In his spare time he is either racing or playing soccer.  His favorite class at HHS is DIY because he gets to build things. His favorite book is "Of Mice and Men". His advice to other students is to "work hard".  After high school, Chase hopes to continue racing. Chase would like to give a shout out to Mr. Coziar for being kind and helpful.  

    Freshman, Frankie Huber


    Frankie is the daughter of Shawn and Lisa Huber.  She also has a sister, two pets:  a cat and a pet rabbit.  Frankie spends her free time taking tumbling classes.  Frankie's favorite classes are Biology because she loves science and Choir because it is fun; however, she really likes all of her school day.  Frankie would like to give a shout out to Emily Lanter because she is the smartest person she knows and also inspires her to work hard.  In addition, she would like to thank Chelse Taylor and Jessica Schmolinger for always keeping things interesting.  In addition, Aurelie Granito and Tesley Harkins for being so kind to her the first few weeks of school and continue to be her friend. After high school, Frankie plans to go to college to get a degree in Wildlife Biology.  

Last Modified on November 14, 2021