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  • Homeschooling Verification Procedures for Extra-Curricular Participation

    Parents of homeschooled students wanting to participate in extra-curricular activities in the Hillsboro  Community Unit School District must meet the following guidelines: 

    1. Student must enroll at HJHS or HHS before participation begins. 

    2. Student must regularly attend and maintain a passing grade in at least one course taught at  HJHS or HHS. Student must be enrolled during the semester(s) in which a sport takes place 3. Applicant must submit the Homeschool Student Extra-Curricular Participation Application which  is available at the district office and on our website. 

    4. The application must be submitted to the school district 60 days prior to the start of the extra curricular activity in which the student(s) wish to participate. 

    5. Application must provide verification and documentation that all required subjects are to be  taught: 

    a. Illinois requires an “adequate course of instruction” for every child covering the  following branches of education: 

    ∙ Language arts 

    ∙ Math 

    ∙ Biological and physical sciences 

    ∙ Social sciences 

    ∙ Fine arts 

    ∙ Physical development and health 

    The State Board of Education treats biological and physical science as one combined branch  of instruction, and physical development and health as another combined branch. 

    6. Instruction must be in English. 

    7. Application should explain how letter grades will be established to meet the minimum  requirements set forth by IHSA and/or IESA. 

    8. Applicants agree to submit current letter grades in each course to the building principal weekly  using a district approved format and timeline. 

    9. The applicant agrees to comply with school district requests for documentation of completed  course work. 

    10. The applicant agrees to comply with school district requests to directly conduct student  interviews and/or assessments to verify that academic progress is consistent with grade  reporting.  

    11. The application must be approved and all fees paid before student will be able to participate in  the extra-curricular activity. 

    Revised 3-16-23 

    The Hillsboro Community School District fosters a student-centered culture with high  expectations for each student to reach his or her full potential.


Last Modified on April 27, 2023