SLU 1818

SLU 1818 Overview

  • St. Louis University 1818 Advanced College Credit Program


    SLU Information Website: This is where you can learn about the program, tuition & payments, calendar, and transfer credit information (including the transcript request process):
    Phone: 314-977-1818



    Credit Transferability: While SLU credit is highly transferable, we recommend that you inquire about its acceptance with guidance counselors at prospective institutions.


    Juniors enrolled in ENGL 2250 (full year course) will register ONCE for the whole year, during the fall semester.  We will accomplish registration at school, but the process can be completed at home.  I encourage students and parents to discuss whether they want to purchase the 3 credit hours as soon as possible, as we register within the first few weeks of school.


    Seniors enrolled in ENGL 1500 (fall) and 1900 (spring) will register during both the fall and spring semesters and will receive 3 credit hours per semester (6 total).  Again, this will be done at school for those students who are certain they will be purchasing the credit.


    Cost:  $75/credit hour (on-campus SLU students pay $1,100/credit hour, for reference). 


    All payments are made directly to SLU. Please do not send tuition to school with your student.


    Online payment (available a few weeks after registering):

    2. Click on “Tuition and Payments”
    3. View video and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Other payment options are detailed on the website.

    Please refer to the SLU Registrar website for full registration, drop, withdrawal, and tuition payment deadlines:


    Fall and full-year course tuition is due 12/1. Spring tuition is due 5/1.


    Transcript Request (available after final grades are entered for the course(s) and student is ready to transfer credit to next institution):

    2. Click on “Transfer Credits”
    3. “View and Request Transcripts Online”


    SLU Helpdesk (Help with Banner ID, login, and/or password):
    Note: I do NOT have access to your student’s credentials; they will need to record and maintain them in a secure place.

    Phone: 314-977-4000 or toll free 1-844-348-3957            Email:

Last Modified on July 28, 2023