Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in English, Eureka College Secondary Ed. Certification, Illinois State University Master of Fine Arts in Writing, Lindenwood University

Mrs. Beth Gonzalez



I'm excited to guide you through opulent 1920's mansions, the sweltering Florida everglades, Chicago's South Side, the American courtroom, and even a few murder scenes (honestly, a weird amount of murder scenes...what's up, American Lit?).  

As an HHS alum, I feel especially honored to teach literature and writing in the very building where I fell in love with F. Scott Fitzgerald and the magic of parenthetical citations. I'm kidding about one of those, but both have their purpose!

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English 3-- American Literature (Fall and Spring)

Dual-credit ENGL 1500-- The Process of Composition (Fall)

Dual-credit ENGL 1900-- Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research (Spring)

Dual-credit ENGL 2250-- Conflict, Social Justice and Literature (Fall and Spring)



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