• Mrs. Gonzalez

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. RESPECT OTHERS (Honor everyone’s right to learn.)
    2.       FOCUS (Don’t put your head down or distract others.)
    3.       BE PREPARED (Be ready to start when the bell rings.)
    4.       PARTICIPATE (Raise your hand to speak.)


    GROWTH MINDSET:  In this class and in your life, I hope you’ll adopt a “growth mindset,” which means that you start where you are and improve from there.  It means asking for clarification and trying new things that may not always come easy to you. Your EFFORT goes a long way in this class. 

    EFFORT and making PROGRESS mean more than perfection



    Binder or strong folder for reference materials     



    highlighters (optional)                                                   


    Classroom Policies:

    • Chromebooks must be brought to class CHARGED, each day. 


    • Assignments are due as instructed.  If work is late for reasons other than those pre-approved or due to absence, work will be accepted for reduced credit (automatically dropped to 70%, decreasing by 10% for each additional day it is late).
      • If the late assignment is worth 30 (+) points, the scored assignment will decrease by one letter grade for each day it is late.
      • Please EMAIL me when turning in any late or makeup assignment, including revisions.
      • Conferencing and revision are valuable parts of our writing process.  Drafting-stage feedback will be provided through one-on-one conferences that require you to take an active role in assessing your own work. Final essay drafts earning a C or below may be revised for up to a B.
    • If you need extra help or clarification, contact me before the assignment is due.  I check my email frequently.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help!


    • Please be in your assigned seat, ready to PARTICIPATE before the bell rings.  Often, you will have a warm-up/bellringer waiting when you enter the room. 


    • Only in EMERGENCY situations should students need to leave the classroom.   You will have 3 total EMERGENCY passes per semester, which may be used for emergency bathroom or office necessities (office pages don’t count against you).  These will be tracked on a grid. After those 3 passes, leaving class for any purpose  = a tardy.


    Make-up Work and Attendance:

    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check Schoology and complete the assignment in a timely manner (1 day to complete for each day gone).  Daily lessons are posted in Schoology. I am always available via email and before/after school.
    • For pre-approved absences (field trips, sports events, etc.), students should inquire about their work ahead of time and complete it by its due date.
    • Please do not ask what you missed at the beginning of your class.  For the win: Check Schoology and email me when you know you will be missing class. I will respond to you as soon as I possibly can.


    Attendance Policy:  If you have a pre-arranged absence, please ask about work in advance and be ready for the next attended class period.

    Personal Conduct:

    Plagiarism:  Cheating includes but is not limited to plagiarism and unauthorized collaborating/sharing of homework. Don’t steal someone else’s ideas and try to pass them off as your own.  Likewise, do not give someone your homework to copy. Cheating is punishable by a day in I.S.  You will complete an alternate version of the assignment in I.S. 

    Phones and Smart Watches: 

    Phones should be off and out of sight for the entire class period. If your phone cannot be turned off and concealed, then it should not be brought to class. Interaction with smart watches during class is also prohibited. See consequences, below. If a device remains a distraction after a warning, you will be referred to the office with your device.

    Incentives for positive behavior:  I love rewarding students for respectful behavior, awesome participation, and timely homework completion. Incentives include food days and outdoor class as weather permits.  

    Consequences of Violating Rules:

    Inappropriate behavior will result in:

                 a) verbal warning

    b) student/teacher conference, which may include communication and conference with    parent/guardian

                 c) referral to principal for disciplinary action**  

    **If problems should occur during which learning is disrupted and/or the safety and wellbeing of students are at risk, an immediate referral will occur.

    These rules are in place to ensure that you and others have the right to learn.  If you or your parents have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at bgonzalez@hillsboroschools.net.

Last Modified on November 16, 2023