Early Out Privilege Program


    Qualifiers:  To qualify a student will

    • have attained 11-12 grade level status
    • have earned at least a B in every class the previous semester
    • be enrolled in a 0 hour class
    • maintain a schedule which affords room to take all courses necessary for graduation (example:  enrollment in OKAW precludes participation by making attendance during all afternoon classes a necessity)  
    • remain on track to graduate as determined by 9th grade entry date
    • submit signed EOP contract


    Eligibility:  To remain in the program a student will 

    • maintain grade requirement of B in every class (checked at quarter and semester)
    • accumulate no more than 3 days of excused absence during the semester in which s/he is participating and/or 5 unexcused absences/tardies in 0 hour class
    • comply with all school rules with no major discipline referrals in the previous or during the current semester


    Program details

    **Students who are not participating in EOP may still enroll in zero hour PE classes**

    • Students interested in EOP must schedule a counseling appointment and submit Signed EOP contract prior to the first day of the semester
    • EOP Students are responsible for knowing their eligibility standing
    • EOP Students will leave campus immediately following 6th hour unless reporting to a teacher or coach
    • EOP students returning for sports or club activities may arrive no earlier than 3:00 knowing and reporting to the designated area during FLEX 7
    • Students who fail to adhere to the program conditions, maintain the Attendance and Grade requirements and/or engage in inappropriate behavior(s) will be removed from the EOP on a case by case basis at the discretion of administration.
    • Students who are removed from the EOP will not be refunded Zero Hour Fusion fees
    • Students who are removed from the EOP will forfeit Zero Hour Fusion fees and the right to take a zero hour PE class and will be enrolled in 7th hour PE.

    Early Out Privilege Program Contract

    Early Out Program Sample Schedule Senior

    Early Out Program Sample Schedule Junior


Last Modified on August 25, 2021