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    Classroom Expectations:

    ·         Be seated and working when the tardy bell rings.

    ·         Bring notebook and needed materials to class each day.

    ·         Listen when others have the floor; speak only when you have the floor.

    ·         Respect school property and the property of other people.

    ·         Keep all work areas neat.

    ·         Refrain from distracting behavior in class (drinking, eating, chewing gum, and grooming).

    ·         Obey all school rules and other posted classroom rules.


    Classroom Materials:

    Students will be given handouts throughout the semester.  Handouts will consist of introductory and background information, graphic organizers, and computer terminology.  Handouts, worksheets, and tutorials will be distributed to assist with projects/software being discussed during the semester. Students will be responsible for their materials.   



    Class participation is the key to success in ANY Class It is necessary for every student to attend every class session on time.  Upon entering the class, students are required to check the white board, and or Mrs. Rench's School webpage  for missed and current daily assignments such as “Bell Ringers”. 
    Behavior Expectations/Classroom Management Plan:
    • Students will process the Bell Ringer and wait for the instructor to proceed with class.
    • Students are to be in his/her seat and working when the tardy bell rings.
    • Students are to treat teachers and other students with respect, which includes refraining from talking during instructions and announcements, talking out, and touching.
    • A successful student is one who does his own assignments and participates in class.  It is expected that each student will be successful.    
    • Cheating – If a student is caught cheating, he/she will receive a (0) zero for each assignment, and parents will be notified accordingly.  This applies to the student that receives the answers as well as the student that provides the answers.
    • Regular attendance is imperative; students are to attend all classes and submit all assignments when they are requested. 
    • Failure to do or turn in assigned work when requested will result in a grade of zero.
    • Failure to complete make up work within one week will result in a grade of zero.
    • Timelines are established for minimum lesson requirements on self-paced activities.
    • Students are responsible for obtaining missed assignments (3-5 school days to make up an assignment).
    • Students should take responsibility for his/her computer and immediately report to the teacher any computer not working.
    • Students are held responsible for deliberate damaging of the equipment and will incur a financial obligation.
    • Students should NEVER bring food and drinks into the computer lab.
    • Bathroom breaks are before class (see Mrs. Rench) and after class. Students will not be excused to leave since ample time is provided between class changes.  Only emergency excuses will be honored during class time.
    • Students should stay on task at all times.
    • All ELECTRONIC DEVICES must be turned off and out of sight during instructional time.  If used during class, the student with his/her device will be sent to the office.
    • Students should tidy computer area before leaving class.


    Positive and Negative Consequences:



    Verbal Praise

    Student Conference

    Positive Parental Contact

    Parent Contact

    Nomintion for Topper Pride Award

    Written Referrals


    Enrichment Opportunities:


    Peer Tutoring

    Web-Based Learning


    Computer Lab Guidelines:


    The computer lab will be used for class.  The lab contains many valuable pieces of computer equipment and is expected to be treated with respect and care.


    There will be absolutely NO food or drinks allowed in the lab.



    Computer Lab Guidelines 


    Students will be working in groups, on group projects, and various programs during the semester.  Students may talk and work together if and when appropriate.  However, talking must be kept at a low volume.  The lab can become quite noisy and disruptive to others in the lab when voices are combined with the equipment running.


    Efficiency is a must in the computer lab.  However, printing will be kept to a minimum and will be directed by the instructor.  Unnecessary printing is not allowed.


    The Internet is a privilege!  Students will be using the Internet for assignments/projects/research.  Therefore, students must complete an Internet Agreement.



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