• Mrs. Wilson’s Classroom Rules, Expectations and Consequences




    Be in your assigned seat before the tardy bell rings.

    Bring your textbook, paper, pencils, and calculator every day.

    Participate in but do not disrupt the class.

    Treat the classroom, supplies, teachers, and classmates with respect.

    No food, drinks, or cell phone use in the classroom.

    Do not adjust windows, doors, shades, thermostat, or air conditioner.

    Hall passes are only for emergencies.




    Complete all assignments.

    Use your time in class wisely.

    Ask questions when you do not understand something.




    Verbal Warning (Except for tardiness see the handbook page 7)

    Written Warning (I make a note that you have been warned)

    Parent Contact

    Before or After School Detention

    Office Referral


    For gross misconduct students may be sent to the office with a referral immediately.

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Last Modified on November 18, 2019