• Expectations:

                1.  Be prepared every day with textbook, notebook, and pen or pencil.

                2.  Be in your seat with materials ready when the bell rings to avoid being tardy.

                3.  Be attentive and on-task during class.  Participate.

                4.  Remain seated before dismissal bell—no lining up at door.

                5.  Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.

                6.  Treat computer equipment with respect and patience.

     Cell Phones:

                Cell phone use will cease before entering the classroom.  Cell phones should be put away unless you are specifically invited to use it for an academic             purpose.

     Late Work:

                Late daily homework shall be accepted for 50% credit.  Late formal papers and projects will incur a penalty of 5% a day. 

     Make-up Work: 

                In the case of an excused absence, make-up work may be retrieved by students from the make-up binder.  Make-up work must be turned in                         promptly to receive credit.

     Missed Tests:

                Tests are announced at least a week in advance.  If you miss a test, plan to take it the day of your return to school.  

    Test Corrections: 

                Students may correct any test before or after school and receive 1/3 credit for each corrected answer.  Written portions may be rewritten for up to                 full credit.


                Students will be allowed five passes per semester, not more than three of which can be used first quarter.  Unused passes are applied as bonus points             on the final exam. 

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Last Modified on August 15, 2017