• Expectations:

    • Be respectful with your demeanor and actions to peers and staff.
    • No inappropriate language or demonstrations at all.  
    • Come to class on time and with the proper materials for the day including appropriate work clothes for the work we will be doing that day.  
    • Stay in your seat and away from doors until the bell rings.
    • Cell phones are not to be seen at anytime or used at anytime while in class.  First offense – I will tell you to put it away.  Second offense – I will keep it until the end of the school day.  Third offense – the office will keep it until they decide to give it back.
    • Food and beverages are allowed only with my permission. If permission has been granted and been abused, it may and likely will be revoked.


    If you are found not following classroom or school policies, I will give you two verbal warnings.  The third time you will be removed from the classroom.  Any time that are removed from class, you will also receive a detention with me after school to make up for the time you miss. There are no warnings for violence of any kind or any behavior that may cause harm to anyone in the classroom or yourself. Those actions will immediately result in removal from class.

    Tardy Policy

    You will be considered tardy if you are not in the classroom (through the door) by the time the bell rings.  If you are more than 10 minutes late with no pass, you will be considered absent. You will also be allowed two free bathroom passes per semester. After those have been used, a trip to the bathroom after class has started may result in loss of participation points.

    Make-up Homework

    •  You will be allowed as many days as you were gone to turn in make-up work.  If you are gone for more than one consecutive day (excused absences). 
    •  You are responsible for getting and completing your work.
    • If work is later than the time specified, you will lose 10% for every day it is late.