• Classroom Policies

    Instructor: Mr. Lunz

    Email: tlunz@hillsboroschools.net


    Guidelines for Success


    Students should come to class with all required materials:


        • Textbooks 
        • 3 ring binder or a folder for your papers
        • notebooks or loose leaf paper for your binder.  *You will still need some paper even if you use a Chromebook for Note Taking
        • writing utensils
        • and any other requested materials 


    • Students should be in their seats before the bell rings, ready for class to begin.  


    • Students should be organized   


    • Students will need to understand that they are young adults in my classroom and must enter with that mindset, knowing that education is the primary goal and focus while in my room. 


    Classroom Rules


    The classroom will operate in an atmosphere of complete respect for         

    students and teachers.


    • When someone is speaking everyone listens.


    • Be prepared for class everyday with homework assignments completed.


    • No sleeping, eating, or drinking in the classroom. (water in a clear container is acceptable)


    • Be on time: In your seat before the bell rings.


    • All other school rules will be enforced in my room.  Please refer to your student handbook. 




    Activities that will take place include, but are not limited to:


    • Discussions and notes on topics
    • Reading Assignments
    • Worksheets
    • Vocabulary
    • Group Work
    • Papers
    • Projects
    • Quizzes (some unannounced)
    • Exams





    Grading Scale


    100%-93% A                  92-83%  B              82-73% C               72-63% D             62%  F


    • Homework, Projects, and Participation are 50 percent of your grade 
    • Quizzes and Tests are 50 percent 



    Semester Grade Calculation 


    Quarter 1 = 40%

    Quarter 2 = 40%

    Final Exam = 20%


    Classroom procedures


    Entering the classroom


    • Turn in assignment that is due that day (use the silver tray to turn in assignments)
    • Be seated and look at the daily schedule on the white board 
    • Get materials ready for class


    Phone Policy


    • Phones will not be allowed in class unless given 
    • Ear buds / Headphones will not be allowed in class unless given permission permission 

    Paper or pencil / Chromebook


    Students should bring their Chromebook (charged) daily

    Students should bring a writing utensil to class (black/blue pen or a pencil) 

    Students should be writing in their course notebook/binder/Chromebook daily 


    *Notes will be checked bi-weekly for a grade.*




    • Grades will be posted on SKYWARD and updated weekly at the required teacher posting time. 
    • Students will be able to view their grades on SKYWARD  (All Students have a SKYWARD Login)  
    • Students should also feel free to approach me after class or before or after school to request their grades, or even address a grade issue.  


    Student responsibilities after an absence


    • Students should check planbook.com for assignments / lessons missed while absent
    • Assignments may also be posted on Schoology
    • Students should ask a neighbor what we did while he/she was gone  
    • Students should ask instructor what he/she missed 
    • Students will have as many days as they were absent to make up the missed work (school policy).

    Late, missing or incomplete assignment


    • Work turned in on time will be given full credit before grading
    • Work turned in late will be given half credit before grading as long as it is turned 

    in before that unit is complete.

    • Any work not turned in by the end of that unit will receive a zero.
    • Assignments serve the purpose of preparing students for exams. 


    Communication procedures with parents or guardians


    I value communication with parents.  I will have open channels and opportunities for communication.  Phone, email,

    and in-person contacts will be made possible regularly to speak with parents about student progress. Email is my

    preferred method of communication.  Parent teacher conferences will be valuable as well.  Phone calls will be 

    available on my prep hour (3rd Hour).

    Consequences for Classroom Rule Violations


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Student-Teacher Conference and 15 min detention after school
    3. Student-Teacher Conference and 30 min detention after school and Parent Contact
    4. Referral to administration (Write-up)   


      *any physical or verbal aggression will result in immediate referral to 



    Consequences for school-wide (Student Handbook) Violations


    All rules found in the school agenda book will be followed in my classroom and 

    anywhere I am observing students.