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    The counseling office receives various scholarship offerings by mail/email each year.  I will post scholarships on this website as they are received.  The posting of these scholarships is not an endorsement but a means of providing my students with as many opportunities as possible.  There is a list of scholarship search engines below that offer free services to our students.
    Career Cruising  Career Cruising has been designed with one goal in mind: to help your students plan their future. With exceptional assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles and comprehensive post-secondary education information, students move seamlessly through the career exploration and planning process. This website provides students with an exceptional scholarship search engine that is used nationwide.  All students in the Hillsboro School District have access to this valuable tool.
    Requesting a Letter of Recommendations Tip Sheet  -  Created by the University of Utah Pre-Professional Advising Office  "When deciding on whom to ask, remember that all letters are not equal.  Think about who is going to give you the best letter for the situation."
    Building a Brag Sheet - A brag sheet is very similar to a student resume – it highlights your accomplishments, key experiences, leadership skills and employment throughout your high school career.  You could use the Brag Sheet as a means of helping someone write you a winning letter of recommendation.
    HHS Brag Sheet  -  Complete the HHS Brag Sheet to support your college application and/or scholarships.  Users are welcome to modify it to fit their needs.
    College Financing Calculators:   Use the College Board calculators to figure out how to pay for college.  Any information you enter is secure and completely confidential.   

    LendEDU Student Loan Calculators  When dealing with student loans, it is crucial to figure out the best way to pay them off and save money. These student loan calculators take the pain out of figuring out how to manage your debt and can give you automated advice with a few simple inputs!  You can use the following student loan calculators to compare repayment options, payoff strategies, refinancing savings, tax deductions, and more.



    Top Post from LendEDU.com's Blog has created a website to help students, graduates, and parents learn the ins and outs of paying for college and managing, saving, and growing money. They regularly post articles to their blog about a variety of topics. You can find useful tips and information about student loans, credit cards, personal loans, saving money, and much more. In addition, we often post interesting studies and instructional courses to help our readers learn in different ways.


    Best Colleges of All Kinds - This website list and offers contact information for virtually all post-secondary schools, colleges, and universities in the state of your choice. 

    FEDERAL STUDENT AID:  Find the information you need ONLINE.  This document list common financial aid topics and where to find information about them on Federal Student Aid websites.  Federal Student Aid WWWs


    The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is the first step in the financial aid process. A FAFSA is used to apply for state and federal financial aid programs. In addition, some colleges use it to award institutional aid. The application is available at no fee charged to the student. The 2018-2019 FAFSA is available online starting October 1, 2017. www.fafsa.gov  Students who are planning to graduate early to attend college will need to complete last year’s FAFSA ( 2017-2018 FAFSA) as soon as possible if they want access to student loans or grant money for the Spring (2018) semester. 

    Information that is needed to complete the FAFSA:

    1. Social Security Number, for yourself and your parent(s) 

    2. Records of income, such as income earned from work and business, child support paid or received and any other untaxed income. If available, refer to the W-2 forms or Federal Tax Return IRS 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ.

    3. Information about assets, such as savings, certificates of deposit, stock options, bonds, 529 plans and other college saving programs; and investment real estate, business and farm.

    4. Driver’s License number, if you have one

    5. FSA ID #  -  An FSA ID gives you access to Federal Student Aid's online systems and can serve as your legal signature.  Use this link to create your FSA ID #.

    Note to applicant: 

    It is essential that you apply as soon as possible! Applicants need to understand that they may use records of income from the previous year to file their FAFSA. Applying early will make it possible for eligible applicants to have a chance to secure available grants ($$$$). Some grants are given on a first come first serve basis. Applicants will need to UPDATE their FAFSA after new year financial information is available.

    Financial Aid Presentation  

    Location:  HHS Cafeteria 
    Date:  9/14/17
    Time:  6:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
    Purpose:  Provide information about Grants, Scholarships and Student Loans.
    Location: Licoln Public Library, Springfield, IL
    Date:  9/27/17
    Time:  Begins at 6:00 pm
    Purpose:  Provide information about Grants, Scholarships and Student Loans.  See this flyer for more information.

    FAFSA Workshop

    Location:  Mr. Sertich's computer lab (G204)
    Date:  10/05/17
    Time:  6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
    Purpose:  Allow students a chance to complete their FAFSA under the guidance of trained representatives.

    2017 - 2018 Scholarship Offerings


    Transcript Supplements are used to describe school's academic and demographic backgrounds.  Please use this document when applicable.    2017-2018 Transcript Supplement


    The counseling office receives various scholarship offerings by mail/email each year.  I will post scholarships on this website as they are received.  The posting of these scholarships is not an endorsement but a means of providing my students with as many opportunities as possible.  The student will need to make the decision on what scholarships they would like to complete.  Many of these scholarships are offered nationally or statewide.  There is a list of scholarship search engines below that are free.  Students should never have to pay for these services.  This website will also provide students access to local scholarships.  Many of these scholarships are repeated annually, with similar deadline dates. You can view the List of 2016-2017 Scholarship Offerings for a reference on what may be available to this year's seniors.

    Posted 9/19/17

    The Student of the Month Program is sponsored by CNB Bank & Trust of Hillsboro. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding senior students in a variety of areas from the Hillsboro School District. Six individuals will be chosen during the school year to be student of the month from November to April and will receive $50 gift certificate. At the end of the selection process, all applications received throughout the year will be considered for a $500.00 scholarship to the college or trade school of the winner’s choice.  Please see application for more details.  Applications are due in the counseling office by October 20, 2017.


    Student of the Month Scholarship Application (Word)

    Student of the Month Scholarship Application (PDF)


    Posted 9/18/17

    MJM ELECTRIC Cooperative is excited to announce its new scholarships for higher education. The MJM Scholarship Program will be awarding two $1000 scholarships to deserving high school seniors. Additionally, ten scholarships of $2000 each will be awarded in 2017-18 through the Thomas H. Moore Illinois Electric Cooperatives (IEC) Memorial Scholarship Program. Students who apply to each scholarship program must be either a relative of an employee or director of AIEC member electric cooperative or be the son or daughter of an MJM Electric Cooperative member.  Additionaly, students who are enrolled in the electric distribution lineworker programs at Lincoln Land Community College may apply to the LeVern & Nola McEntire Lineworkers Scholarship.  Scholarships may be used for educational costs at any two-year or four-year college or university in the U.S., including vocational/technical schools. Students are encouraged to apply online at the MJM Scholarship Program website. Students must submit their applications by April 30, 2018.

    Posted 9/05/17
    The Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship recognizes 2 winners—one male athlete and one female athlete—from each state. Details:  1.  90 State Winners receive a $1,000 scholarship  2.  10 State Winners move on as National Finalists with a chance to attend the Wendy’s High School Heisman weekend in New York City  3.  8 National Finalists receive a $5,000 scholarship
    4.  2 National Winners receive a $10,000 scholarship along with national honor and recognition during ESPN’s telecast of the college Heisman Memorial Trophy presentation
    5.  Plus, the first 1,000 applicants get a $10 Wendy’s gift card! Requirements:  Winning the Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship requires a GPA of 3.0 or better, participation in at least one school-sponsored sport, and demonstrated leadership at school and in the community.  Application deadline is October 2, 2017.  Apply at wendysheisman.com
    Posted 9/07/17
    U.S. Presidential Scholars in Career and Technical Education Program   In June of 2015, the President signed an executive order to establish a U.S. Presidential Scholars in Career and Technical Education Program adding students in these programs to the list of our nation's most distinguished graduating high school seniors.  Please encourage qualified Agricultural Education students to apply for this prestigious honor as up to 20 students will be selected each year on the basis of outstanding scholarship and demonstrated ability and accomplishment in Career and Technical Education.  The application deadline is Friday, October 20, 2017.  Historically, Agricultural Education students have performed well in the Illinois’ U.S. Presidential Scholars in Career and Technical Education and those chosen at the national level are able to attend, receive the Presidential Scholars Medallion, and be recognized in a ceremony in their honor in Washington D.C. by the President of the United States and staff.  However, there is a limited timeline to complete the state application.
    Scholarship Resources:

    https://www.raise.me/  - micro scholarships, institutional scholarships, etc...










    http://blogs.uis.edu/scholarship_stories/ - University of Illinois-Springfield Scholarship Blog

    http://www.mastersinaccounting.info/resources/accounting-scholarships/ - Accounting Scholarships

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