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    National Honor Society is an organization dedicated to the recognition and promotion of scholarship, leadership, character, and service in high school students. Membership is one of the highest honors a student can receive, reflecting well on a job resume, college admissions form, or scholarship application. To achieve membership in the National Honor Society, a student must maintain a grade point average of 3.3, be involved in school and community improvement activities, have leadership experience, and demonstrate strong moral character. Students become eligible in the second semester of their Junior year provided that they have maintained the required grade point, can provide evidence of their community service and leadership roles, and have avoided serious infractions of the school or legal codes. Students may not apply to this organization; by ensuring they attain the required qualifications, however, they may be invited by the faculty committee to submit a personal profile for consideration. New members are honored at an annual banquet and initiation ceremony and senior members receive special recognition at graduation.
    The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

    Selection of NHS Members:

    1.  You must be a junior or senior.

    2.  You must have been in attendance at this school for the equivalent of one semester.

    3.  You must have a cumulative scholastic average of 3.30 (on a 4.0 scale).

    4.  You will be evaluated on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership, and character by a majority vote of the faculty council.

    5.  You may not apply for membership. Membership is granted only to those students selected by the faculty council.

    Expectations of National Honor Society Members:

    During the induction ceremony each member is instructed that induction into the National Honor Society depends upon the demonstration of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. From the point of induction, each member is expected to continue to demonstrate those qualities.

    Violation of school rules and civil laws can lead to probation or dismissal. The following behaviors can lead to probation and possible dismissal. (The probation period begins at the time of the violation and ends upon graduation.)

    1.  If your grade point average drops below 3.3, you will have one semester to improve the average to 3.3 or face dismissal based upon the recommendation of the Faculty Council.

    2.  If you violate school rules, which result in assignment to Internal Suspension, you will be placed upon probation. If you are assigned to I.S. again during the probation period, you may face dismissal based upon the recommendation of the Faculty Council.

    3.  If you are externally suspended, you will be placed immediately upon probation and may be dismissed based upon the recommendation of the Faculty Council.

    4.  If you violate the school rule for cheating, you may be dismissed based upon the recommendation of the Faculty Council.

    5.  If you are convicted for a civil crime, you will be dismissed from the National Honor Society.

    If you resign from membership or are dismissed, you are never permitted to again hold membership.


Last Modified on August 17, 2020