When in my class, I expect students to comply with the following:

    1.  Come into the classroom and sit down quickly and quietly.

    2. Always bring textbook, free reading materials, supplies and homework.

    3. Respect yourself, others and supplies in this classroom. (Keep your hands and feet to yourself; make only positive, appropriate comments; leave supplies in the form you found them.)

    4. Expect to learn and to earn your grade.

    5. Cell Phones - may be used in hallways, outside and at lunch.  They should be put away in the classrooms.


    When in my class, I expect you to have the following materials:

    1.  An open mind

    2. A good imagination

    3. A textbook

    4. Your free reading materials

    5. A folder for your papers

    6. Some paper

    7. Writing utensils

    8. Assignment materials


    When in my class, this is the grading scale that will be used:

    1. A         100-90

    2. B         89-80

    3. C         79-72

    4. D         71-63

      Grades will be awarded for performance on daily assignments, essays, quizzes, tests, projects and speeches.  All assignments and evaluations will be graded with a point scale or with a participation grade: Check, Check  minus or a Zero.


    If a student is absent, he or she should check the assignment board, my website and with me.


    I am looking forward to a wonderful semester!  I hope to get to know your better!  Be prepared to think, talk, listen, read, write and learn!  We will work well together!!!