HILTOP: Capturing the Year!

  • HILTOP is a club that also functions as an English elective. Sophomore, junior, and senior students may apply to be on the yearbook staff.  The class meets every day during 7th period.    

    2020 Staff Members:  Josey Callahan, Vanessa Compton, Madison Devore, Olivia Gent, Brianna Guinn, Kaylee Lawson, Alayna McCario, Mia Sherer, and Macy Shipman

    Hiltop course curriculum/components: 


    Basic Photography                    

    Basic Journalism (coverage)

    Basic Design/Yearbook Layouts

    Photo Editing (Online Design)

    Copy Editing (Journalistic Writing)  

    We, as a YEARBOOK staff, are creating the only tangible history of the school year from start to finish. You own the overall project; the yearbook is yours. By owning the project, the work you invest will be genuine, thorough, thought-provoked and truly amazing. We are a team that pulls our own weight while working well with each other.

    Each of us has a niche, whether we know it or not. Your niche may be design, photography, writing, management, organization, or communication. No matter what your niche is, yearbook staffers take part in all skill sets throughout the year. This is what sets us apart from traditional classes.

    Talented, multi-skilled students who work together will always produce a thorough and accurate yearbook, permanently recording the history of our particular school this year.

Last Modified on September 2, 2019