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    Hillsboro H.S. offers a complete driver education experience that is in line with Secretary of State's Cooperative Driver Testing Program (CDTP) requirements.   There is a classroom (CDT) phase as well as a  behind-the-wheel (BTW) phase.  These 9-week long experiences require students to complete 30 CDT hours of instructions and 6 BTW hours of driving lessons that will include a mandatory 6 hours of observation while a passenger of another BTW student.  Additionally, each student will be required by state mandated CDTP STANDARDS to present a 50 hour log (min. expectation w/ 10 hrs driving at night) that is certified by the parent or guardian to DMV officials as part of the licensing application.  Students and Parents are encouraged to visit the Sec. of State link above for a more detailed description of these and other requirements.  



    CDT1  Begins 8/16  Ends 10/15          BTW1  Begins 8/16  Ends 12/21

    CDT2  Begins 10/18  Ends 12/21        BTW2  Begins 1/04  Ends 5/26

    CDT3  Begins 1/04  Ends 3/11

    CDT4  Begins 3/14  Ends 5/26


    The fee for Driver Education is $150 payable to H.H.S. and a $20 (nonwaivable) fee to the Secretary of State - this $20 fee covers the cost of the permit and a 3 year driver's license.  The $150 fee needs only be paid ONCE.


    Students will learn that driving a vehicle is much more of a mental and social task than it is a physical task.  Students will grow to understand that a "skilled" driver is one who uses ALL THAT is learned in the classroom, behind-the-wheel and as a passenger to make precise, skilled and properly timed judgements and decisions.


    Studies show that students who have a parent or guardian actively engaged in their training as a driver, will become better and safer drivers.  
    Parents & Teen Drivers - Know the Eight Danger Zones
    Help your son/daughter review for DAY 1 of CDT's quiz - 

    Parental Consent - as written on Sec. of State Cyberdriveillinois.com

    Drivers ages 16 and 17 must have parent/legal guardian consent in order to obtain a driver's license. The parent/legal guardian must provide written consent at the time of the minor's application at a Driver Services facility. The parent/legal guardian also must show proof that the applicant has had at least 50 hours of practice driving, including 10 hours at night , during the Permit Phase. A parent/legal guardian may revoke consent for the minor to hold a driver's license at any time, for any reason, until the driver turns 18 by contacting the Secretary of State's office. Driving privileges will not be reinstated until the parent/legal guardian who withdrew consent once again provides consent or until the driver turns 18, whichever occurs first. The teen driver must reapply for a driver's license and pay the appropriate fees in order for the license to be reinstated.



    As per section 17-24.2 of the Illinois School Code (House Bill 418), students must be 15 years of age or will turn 15 during the CDT experience to be enrolled in this phase.  Furthermore, students must have passed 8 high school classes during the previous two semesters of school to be eligible for enrollment.  NEW 9th grade students must have passed 4 of 5 8th grade CORE classes to be eligible for enrollment in CDT1 or CDT2.  NEW 9th grade students must have passed 4 of 5 8th grade CORE classes and 4 first semester high school classes to be eligible for enrollment in  CDT3 OR CDT4. 


    The Driver Education Program at HHS will assist students in acquiring a driving permit, providing:

    • the student is eligible to enroll in a CDT course
      • must turn 15 years of age before class is completed
      • must have passed the appropriate number of classes (see COURSE REQUIREMENTS - ELIGIBLITY)
      • must be free of any driving violations
    • the student MUST pass a driver's education written exam (rules of the road, signs and road markings)
    • the student must pass a vision exam
    • the student must pay $20 fee to DMV (not HHS) for the cost of the permit and future driver's license
    • ***the student must to provide proper identification documents
      • Birth Certificate from court (official)
      • Social Security Card
      • Parent or Legal Guardian w/ their Driver's License at the SAME address
      • Application for the permit (signed by instructor and Parent/Guardian in the appropriate areas)


    The Driver Education Program at HHS allows its state-certified driver education instructors to administer the BTW road exam to students, providing:

    • the student received a combined grade of A or B in both phases of its program
    • the student has parental/guardian approval to participate
    • the student completed a min. of 30 hrs of CDT study, 6 hrs of BTW training, and 6 hrs of passenger observation experience.
    • Pass an instructor-administered BTW exam 

    NOTE:  Students who miss more than 5 CDT classes or 3 BTW lessons will be removed from these phases to be repeated in its entirety.

    NOTE:  Each successful student SHOULD expect to be "spot-checked" by their local DMV officials as a mean by which the state ensures driver education programs are maintiaining the standards set by the state's CDTP program requirements.


    A student may visit the DMV to apply/obtain a driver's license, providing:

    • the student maintained a valid driving permit for at least 9 months (violation free  ... see OBTAINING DRIVING PERMIT above)
    • the student must submit their driver's permit / receipt 
    • the student passed the ROAD TEST w/ an HHS instructor OR passes a road test with a DMV Official
    • the student must submit a parent/guardian certified 50 (10 hrs nighttiime) hour log at the time of application
    • the student must not have any outstanding driving violations
    • the student must have arrived at the DMV in a vehicle that will pass an inspection if the road test is required
    • the student must show proof of insurance for the vehicle brought to DMV of tje road test is required
    • ***the student must to provide proper identification documents - Sec. of State LINK *** (below are some suggestions)
      • Birth Certificate from court (official)
      • Social Security Card
      • Parent or Legal Guardian w/ their Driver's License at the SAME address
      • CDTP - if they have it
      • REAL ID requirement - 2nd piece of mail by parent proving residency (Parent's ultility bill, pay stub, bank statement w/ address, etc.)


    Licensing Requirements

    To obtain an Illinois Driver’s License students will need to bring the following documents to the Secretary of State’s Driver Service Facility:

    • Instruction Permit / Receipt
    • A Letter Addressed to You at Your Home Address
    • Certified Birth Certificate (Hospital Copy Not Accepted)
    • Social Security Card
    • Cooperative Driver Testing Program (CDTP) Driving Test Form – If Applicable
    • Proof of Insurance (Insurance Card)
    • A vehicle that will pass an inspection
    • 50-Hour Certification Sheet - signed by parent/guardian
    • Parent Affidavit

    Students will be expected to take a driving test in a vehicle provided by you (if you have not received the CDTP certificate from your instructor). Even with the CDTP certificate you may still be subject to a spot-check driving test by the Secretary of State. Be prepared to have your picture taken for your driver’s license.


    RulesOF the Road 


    Curriculum Information
    The “Rules of the Road” are taught throughout the course. The major focus of each unit is listed here:

    Classroom Driver's Training (CDT)

    • The student will understand signs, signals, and roadway markings
      • ALL students MUST pass tests on RULES OF THE ROAD and SIGNS along with passing a VISION EXAM before receiving their permit.
    • The student will understand basic car control.
    • The student will understand making safe driving decisions using the IPDE Process.
    • The student will understand the laws of nature and their effects on the vehicle’s performance.
    • The student will understand how to perform basic car maneuvers.
    • The student will understand how to negotiate safely through intersections.
    • The student will understand how to share the roadway.
    • The student will understand how to drive in urban areas.
    • The student will understand how to drive in rural areas.
    • The student will understand how to drive on expressways.
    • The student will understand how to drive in adverse conditions.
    • The student will understand how to handle emergencies.
    • The student will understand the effects of driver condition on risk taking.
    • The student will understand how alcohol and other drugs affect driving.
    • The student will understand the responsibilities of owning a vehicle.


    Behind-the-wheel (BTW) lessons include:

    • Orientation
    • Residential Driving
    • Turns (Hand-over-hand)
    • City Traffic
    • Highway Driving
    • Turn-Abouts/Hill Parking
    • One Way Roads
    • Parking
    • Emergency Situations
    • Cooperative Driver Testing Program (CDTP) Test


    • Checking the Vehicle Controls (parking break, mirrors, seat, safety belt, ignition, turn signal, etc.)
    • Backing the vehicle approx. 50 feet at slow speed, straight and smootly WITH proper technique
    • Performing a Turnabout using an alley on the left side of the street WITH proper technique
    • Parking Uphill on the side of the road (p.34)
    • Starting Uphill from a parked position (p.34)
    • Parking Downhill on the side of the road (p.34)
    • Starting Downhill on the side of the road (p.34)
    • Controlling the Vehicle by Obeying ALL traffic signs, control devices, rights of way, lane markings
    • Properly using Turn Signals
    Teen Driving Laws

    Parental Access to Teen Driving Records: Parents may view their teen’s (under age 18) driving record free through the Secretary of State Web site. Several security features will protect the teen’s privacy and ensure that only the parents/legal guardians are granted access to the teen’s driving record.


    Rules of the Road

    Rules of the Road Review Course - combines an explanation of the driving exam with a practice written exam

    Guide to Safe Driving - produced by S.0.S.... this pamphlet offers a GREAT way of reviewing safe driving techniques/knowledge

    Letter to Parent Assignment (guidance for the DE permit experience)

    Teen-Parent Driving Guide (GDL Booklet)

    CDT Phase outline - update coming soon

    BTW Phase outline - update coming soon

    ILLINOIS ORGAN/TISSUE DONOR REGISTRY - "It takes less than a minute to register and one person can improve the quality of life for up to 25 people."

    S.I.P.D.E - Use this link to review SIPDE

    Illinois Guidance - School Bus Stops

    Graduated Driver License - description of IL Sec of State teenage driving program 

    Illinois State Board of Education - Driver Education

    FAQ's - Driver Education programs in IL  (ISBE)

    Electronic Blue Slips - Driver Education Status Inquiry ISBE (student instruction permit number required)

    Driver's Education Course Completion Check - Sec. of State TOOL for students to check their eligibility to apply for a license

    2019 Illinois DMV Permit test

    Permit Practice Test #1

    Permit Practice Test #2

    License Practice Exam Sample 1

    Free Illinois DMV Rules of the Road - practice tests

    50 clock-hour log

    Adult Driver Education - relevant for ages 18, 19, and 20

    Items to take to the DMV - updated soon

    Curfew and Other Restrictions for teen drivers

    Permit Study Guide - updated soon

    Illinois Secretary of State Medical Report

    Illinois Vision Specialists Report

    License Process

    IL Road to Reinstatement - Restoring your Driving Privileges

    Drive Teen USA on Permit - Which states may I drive in?

    ADULT DRIVER EDUCATION PROVIDER LISTINGS ON S.O.S. - Pertains to ALL first time Driver License Applicants 18 year old or older - MUST TAKE 6 hr Driver's Ed. course to replace not having taken Classroom Driver's Training (CDT) during high school years.  This link provides a multitude of vendors who can help you achieve the required hours.


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