• MRS. HIRES’ 2021-2022

    Mathematics Expectations


    Materials Needed For Each Class

    •         Paper (optional)
    •         Pencil (mechanical would be good)
    •         Textbook/Journal book
    •         Calculator (scientific highly recommended) Texas Instruments is one brand but any scientific  calculator will do (optional, you can find a scientific calculator on chromebook)
    •         Headphones



    •         Weekly Classkick assignment (2 points each day, 10 total for the week) (DUE MONDAY’S)
    •         Homework (10 points each day completed)
    •         Quizzes (Will vary)
    •         Tests ( Will vary)
    •         Activities/Projects (points will vary as to length and complexity of the activity/project)


    Your percentage will be determined by dividing your total points by the total possible points available.  Your nine weeks grade will be determined by the following scale:


    100 - 90 (A) 89 - 80 (B) 79 – 70 (C) 69 – 60 (D) Below 60 (F)


    BONUS:  There will be an opportunity for bonus points during each nine weeks using the punch cards.  The punch cards are worth 15 extra credit points each quarter.


    MAKE-UP POLICY:  For every day that you are absent you have a day to make up the homework.  Homework is always due the next day for full credit…..Late grade passes may be used for assignments that are late.


    HOMEWORK:  You will have homework almost every night.  For obvious reasons, please include your name and number, lesson number, page number and number of problems in the top right hand corner on each assignment if it is not a worksheet.



    •         Come prepared to class with all necessary materials and homework.
    •         Give every task your best effort and cooperate with others in class.



    Classroom Procedures

    For Room #36




    •         Observe all the rules in the student handbook.
    •         Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings of Room 36.
    •         Come in, have a seat, have all the appropriate materials and supplies at your desk, start on your weekly and be ready to listen.
    •         Adjust your voice level to suit the activity.
    •         Follow directions the first time they are given.
    •         Be respectful, be responsible, and be safe.




    •         If one of the above procedures is not followed it will be made clear that you understand the 

                       procedures you are to follow to become successful.



    •         Praise (daily)
    •         Positive notes and calls (random)
    •         Various other perks (throughout school year)
    •         The joy of learning mathematics (each day of the school year)
    •         Tickets



    Classroom Format


    Weekly’s (2 point each day, 10 total for the week)

    When students come into the classroom there are problems for them to complete that are on the smartboard for a point.  During this time I take attendance and get all of the students on the same page.  The weekly’s usually take anywhere from 2-5 minutes. 

    Lesson Teaching

    I utilize my entire room and teach by using overhead, projector, smartboard and/or manipulatives.  I try to teach two to three objectives a lesson.  I present the objectives clear and concisely and inform the students on how they will be assessed on them (i.e. memorizing formulas, mathematical tricks to solve problems, proper procedures to solve a multi-step problem…)


    Homework (10 points for each one completed)

    There will be a homework assignment for each lesson.   It will be your responsibility to turn in your finished assignment in the turn in tray anytime during that school day.


     Quizzes (Points will vary for each Quiz)


    Tests (Points will vary for each test)


    Full points =       for correct answer and for showing work


    Half points =      for either showing work and missing the problem or not showing the work and getting  the 

                             problem correct


    0 points =  for having a wrong answer and no work



    Binder (20 points, graded by end of each quarter)

    •       4  points for showing me your binder during the class time it is due, otherwise you lose the 4 points; however, you  still have until the end of the day to turn it in.
    •       6  points for notes (Buddy’s)
    •       1  point for colored packet (which is this packet)
    •       1  point for contract
    •       2  points for weekly’s
    •       2  points for assignments in order
    •       2  points for keeping all quizzes and tests
    •       2  points for everything in the correct order (the order should be as you see it listed above)




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