• Builder's Club will be starting up after Labor Day.  All 7th & 8th graders are eligible.  To qualify for the end-of-the-year trip, members must complete at least 5 of the activities with one of those being a fundraiser for Builder's Club.  

    7th graders need to turn all items into Mrs. Brauns.  8th graders need to turn in all items to Miss R.  See below for due dates:
    September:       Donate at least two clean items of warm clothing to be donated to a local charity (one item if the item is a winter coat).  Item deadline is October 7.

    October:           Collect money for UNICEF (at least $5.00).  Item deadline is November 2.

                            T-shirt fundraiser.  Deadline to be determined


    November:       Bring in 2 new toys to be donated to local charity for Christmas baskets.  Deadline Dec. 2. 


    December:       Donate at least 5 non-perishable items for the Volunteer Fireman’s food drive.  Deadline to be announced .


    January:           Donate at least 2 packaged items to local charity toiletries drive or other local charity (toothpaste,                           toothbrush, soap, deodorant, etc. – no trial sizes).  Deadline is January 27.


    February:         Donate at least 2 packaged items to local charity paper goods drive or other local charity (Kleenex, toilet                         tissue, paper towels, napkins, etc. - in original package).  Deadline is February 28.


    March:             Candy bar fundraiser.  Deadline to be determined later.


    April:               Collect money for local animal rescue (at least $5.00).  Deadline is April 21.  


      CAN TURN IN ANYTIME: (Please put in baggie and label with name and number)

          50 soda can tabs 
          50 Campbell Soup labels - cut on dotted lines
          50 Box Tops - cut on dotted lines
             Please have exactly 50 labels and Box Tops in the bags.  If you would like to donate more, please place in separate, labeled baggie. 
    HJHS Builder's Club is a school and community service organization. Builder's Club meets as needed prior to the beginning of the school day. Throughout the year, students participate in numerous activities to contribute to the community. Some of these activities include a fall food drive, a winter warm clothing drive, a paper goods and toiletries drive for a local charity, and weekly recycling. Each member of the Builder's Club is expected to participate in or contribute to a minimum of five activities from September to April. One of the activities must be a fundraiser for Builder's Club.  Members who meet the requirement then qualify to attend an all day field trip in May.
    Sponsored by Mrs. Brauns and Ms. Rozmislowicz 
    Builders Club pic  
Last Modified on December 4, 2023