• Classroom Expectations
    1. Students should come to class prepared.
    (Have book(s), sharpened pencil, agenda, paper, & completed homework)
    2. Students should follow directions.
    3. Students should respect others & their property.
    Classroom Procedures
    1. Students are expected to fill out their agenda upon entering the classroom.
    2. Students should get (red) folder for class and follow the directions on the board. 
    3. Folders will be collected at the end of class and kept in the classroom.
    My Classroom
    In class (red) folders will stay in the classroom and be used to keep important papers. At the conclusion of a chapter or unit, folders will be cleaned out approximately two days prior to a test and papers sent home to use as study guides
    Students who are absent from class will find make up work in their classroom folder or on the bulletin board. If a student has a question about the work, or needs to turn in make up work they should do that upon returning to class.  
    Class Dojo will be used to send home important announcements and due dates for projects. However, students are responsible for writing the daily assignments in their agendas.
    I do not accept late work after the day it is due. Students should keep all assignments in a homework folder in their binder. Using a folder, instead of putting work in their book, should ensure students will have the work when needed.  
    Students are expected to have a library book with them at all times to read when daily work is completed.
    Parents may reach me via Class Dojo, email, or by calling the jr. high office.  
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Last Modified on September 11, 2019