• Classroom Rules and Expectations

    Mrs. Daniels-7th Grade Social Studies

    Hillsboro Junior High School


    Classroom Rules:

    1.  Respect yourself, your peers, teacher & your surroundings.

    2.  Raise your hand silently to speak.

    3.  Follow all directions quickly, the first time they are given.



    If a student chooses not to follow the rules and expectations of this classroom, the following actions can be taken:

    1.  Warning

    2.  Complete a Behavior Think Sheet & move seats or consequences assigned by the teacher in direct correlation with the choice made by the student

    3.  Parent contact &/or Referral to administration



    1.  Ask questions at the appropriate times if you do not understand something or see me after class.

    2.  Complete all assigned work to the VERY BEST of you ability.

    3.  Do the assigned work.  It makes life easier in so many ways.

    4.  When you are absent, take reponsibility for making up all work.  IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET THE ASSIGNMENTS, ANY NECESSARY PAPERS, and make arangement to make up quizzes, tests, etc.!  You have the number of class periods you were absent to get it done & turned in.  

    5.  Understand the similarities and differences of learners in our classroom.  Remember fair and equal do not mean the same thing.

    6.  Communicate with me any way that I can help you be more successful in class or out.


    Grading Policy:

    Students will be subject to the same grading policy as stated in the agenda book.

    90-100 = A

    80-89 = B

    70-79 = C

    60-69 = D

    59 and Below = F

    All grades in social studies are posted as a percentage.  Extra credit work is offered one time per quarter.   NO LATE GRADES ARE ACCEPTED, unless for an excused absence.  Students with an excused absence have the same number of days as their absence to complete all make-up work.

    I look forward to helping you have a most successful 7th grade language arts experience!

    Mrs. Daniels’ Contact information:  (217)-532-3742 or sdaniels@hillsboroschools.net

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Last Modified on August 1, 2021