• Special Friend Week:


    September 20th-23rd:  AM: Andrew C. PM: Elijah

    September 27th-30th: AM: Myla  PM: Gabriel

    October 18-21: AM: River  PM: Xander

    November: 1-4: AM: Rory  PM: Hailey

    November 15-18: AM: Jaxen  PM: Nolan

    November 29- December 2: AM: Waylon  PM: Axel

    December 6-9: AM: Kash  PM: Soharia

    December 13-16: AM: Kennedy  PM: August

    January 10-13: AM: Aria  PM: Johanna

    January: 24-27: AM: Gunner  PM: Ivan

    January 31-February 3: AM: Amaryah  PM: Xavior

    February 7-10: AM: Maiyah  PM: Waverly

    February 14-17: AM: Aubrey  PM: Sophia

    March 14-17: AM: Xylina  PM: Asher

    March 21-24: AM: Saylor  PM: Dylan

    March 28-March 31: AM: Tess  PM: Kennadee C.

    April 4-7: AM: Hazel  PM: Tinley

    April 25- 28: AM: Troy  PM:Turner



    Special Friend Week

    Every child will get to be our “Special Friend” for the week. We love getting to know each child individually! This activity also helps with building self confidence.


    Your child will be our Special Friend the week of ________________.


    If you are a returning family, you will notice this has changed a little due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be sure to read over the entire packet so your child is able to feel special and does not miss out on something.


    Monday: Please send a poster board full of pictures of your child, family, items they love, etc. You can get super creative or you can make it very simple. I will try my best to return it back home at the end of the week. However, I will say the poster board receives a lot of attention and love! (If you need a poster board please let me know as soon as possible so I can get one to you!) Also, I am asking a parent/both parents/grandparent or whoever would like to do it to write a special letter to their child. I will read the letter out loud to the class for the child to enjoy! This will also make a great memorable letter to place in a keepsake. You will notice that I have attached a sheet of paper that has the letter page you can tear off and write and return. 


    Tuesday: Please fill out the ALL ABOUT ME sheet I have attached. We will also read this out loud for the class. Allow your child to help you fill out the sheet.


    Wednesday: Please send your child's favorite book. I will read it to the class. 


    Thursday: Your child will get to have ONE special visitor! They love having a visitor and we love having you! I ask that you please let me know in advance if someone is coming by filling out the attached form. They also have to follow our school protocol which is a mask and social distancing. If for some reason Thursday does not work for a special visitor, please let me know and we can arrange another day! Please remember when visiting we maintain confidentiality.


    -Ms. Mandy!





    Child’s Name: ____________________________


    1. My favorite food is: _________________________________.
    2. My favorite animal is: ________________________________.
    3. My favorite song is: _________________________________.
    4. I like the smell of: __________________________________.
    5. My favorite place to go is: ____________________________.
    6. My friends are: ____________________________________.
    7. I am scared of:_____________________________________.
    8. My favorite movie/TV show is: _________________________.
    9. My bedroom is:_____________________________________.
    10. My house is: _____________________________________.
    11. When I grow up I want to be a: _________________________.
    12. My favorite color is: _______________________________.
    13. I like to help do: _________________________________.
    14. I am good at: ____________________________________.
    15. My favorite thing to do at school is: ________________________________________________.

    Letter to my child:

    Dear ________________,








    My child ___________________(name) plans to have a visitor on ____________________(day). The visitor that will be coming is ______________________________.










Last Modified on September 21, 2021