• The ASK Program (After School Kids) is after-school care provided in Hillsboro at Beckemeyer Elementary School.  This program IS available for preschoolers in the PM or Full Day classes.  Parents who are in need of daycare after school may use the ASK program.  ASK is available on days the students are in attendance.  ASK runs from after school until 5:30 in the gym.  All students must be picked up in the gym no later than 5:30.  There is a one-time registration fee of $5 per family to sign up for the ASK program.  Once your child is in the program, the cost is $6 per day, with additional charges for early dismissal days.  Please print out the registration form and send it, along with the registration fee, to the Coffeen PreK or Beckemeyer Office.

    Sheri Reynolds—Director