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    Remote Learning Information

    This information is for families enrolled in our remote learning class AND for families with a child typically enrolled in-person who is in quarantine and just temporarily participating in remote learning.



    Weekly Choice Boards are where you will find daily lessons and activities.  Each DAY choose one activity from each learning area (math, language, etc.) for your child to do.  The weekly choice boards provide a variety of actvities that are aligned with our curriculum and Illinois Early Learning Standards.  You can find the current weekly choice board on the menu to the left of this page (if viewing from a cell phone, open the menu by clicking the 3 lines that are beside the word "pages")



    Each WEEK, please share a picture or note about at least 1-2 activities that your child participated in or enjoyed that week from the Choice Board.  This is how we track attendance.  You can share your weekly contact via the Teaching Strategies (TSG) app, TSG website, Remote Learners Facebook page, or email svanmiddendorp@hillsboroschools.net.  This website also has a "Weekly Attendance Check-in" that you may click on to report your attendance. 


    Weekly ZOOM Meeting:  

    Held every Thursday, 2:30-2:45 p.m. with Remote PreK Class!   

    We encourage you to have your child join the Zoom meeting each week, as this is their opportunity to have social engagement with other classmates and teachers.  

    How to Join Zoom meeting 

    (You can find the link to the Zoom Meeting on the private Remote PreK Facebook page, OR you can email Miss Sarah (svanmiddendorp@hillsboroschools.net) to get the link.  The link will not be posted publicly to ensure everyone's privacy and safety.)


    The Weekly Choice Board will be shared 3 ways: 

    1. THIS Website
    2. Remote Learner's Facebook Page
    3. Teaching Strategies Family app ("TSG") (only for those enrolled full-time in the Remote Learning Class....not for students quarantined)

    **Choice boards are typically posted over the weekend on Facebook and district website, and by Monday morning on TSG by 9:00 a.m.

    Links to each of these are shared below:  



    • Facebook REMOTE Learner's Group
    • PRIVATE Facebook group for PreK Remote Learners.  This is a place where weekly choice boards and activities will be shared, as well as general communication about our remote learning program.  This is also a place where you can post pictures of the activities your child is doing at home.  You will need to go to the Facebook page and REQUEST to join, and will then be added by the group administrator.  Only parents or caregivers that are helping facilitate your child's remote learning will have access to this Facebook group.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/remoteprek