• The entryway doors are locked until 7:40 am.  

    If you are dropping your child off at school in the mornings, there is no supervision until 7:40. Breakfast opens at this time. 
    The pledge and announcements begin at 8:00, and classes begin at 8:10.  Students who arrive after 8:10 are counted tardy.
    Primary (K-2) Lunch:   11:10-11:35
    Intermediate (3-5) Lunch:  11:35-12:00 
    Primary Recess:  11:35-12:00
    Intermediate Recess:  11:10-12:00 
    Afternoon Primary Recess:  1:30-1:45
    Afternoon Intermediate Recess:  2:00-2:15 
    Dismissal:  ALL elementary students are dismissed at 3:00.  Students who are picked up or walk home wait in a designated area until buses pull out, then they are dismissed by staff.  If a parent needs their child to leave BEFORE buses pull out, they are required to escort them across the roadways. 
Last Modified on August 2, 2019