• 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

  • Rick Vogel

    Rick Vogel pic  
    The Hillsboro Educational Foundation honored Rick Vogel, Class of 1978, with its 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award. Vogel, a hard-working businessman who shys from public attention, simply said "thank you."
    Vogel's award was presented by Alan Pretnar."Rick doesn't ask for recognition, but  his generosity and hard work have not gone unnoticed," Pretnar said. After graduating from high school in 1978, Vogel began his plumbing career working for Gleichman Plumbing, owned by Speck and Dorothy Gleichman of Hillsboro.  After 18 months, he went to work for Augie Root at Root's Plumbing, also in Hillsboro. Following a slowdown in the plumbing business, Vogel worked at Hillsboro Glass Company while continuing to serve his apprenticeship.  In 1985, he set out on his own. Since then, his business has grown at a rate that would rival any other in Hillsboro. One of his primary customers is Walmart.  He initially worked on only the plumbing portion of Walmart remodeling projects, but that role evolved to the point that Vogel Plumbing now serves as the general contractor for store renovations across the country. In April 2004, Vogel bought Landers Lumber Company, next door to his plumbing operation on School Street, and over the years improved the appearance of the complex dramatically. He has also bought Storm Supply lumber yards, the former Sale Stamp building, and the former Lohman's building. In addition to his day-to-day hands-on operation of his business, he has also been a volunteer coach for the Hillsboro Sports Association."Rick has employed a lot of people who may not of otherwise gotten a chance," Pretnar said, then read a note from members of the Vogel workforce.
     -Photos and article courtesy of The Journal-News
  • Senator Al White

    Al White  
    The Hillsboro Educational Foundation honored Senator Al White, Class of 1968, with its 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award. White, a state senator in Colorado, confessed that he "may never live in Hillsboro again, but Hillsboro will always live in my heart."
    Jim Beck presented Sen. White's award. Beck, a classmate of White's, said he has known the senator since they were both 10 years old.  They graduated together and were inducted into the U.S. Army together. A resident of Hayden, CO, White is currently serving his first term as a State Senator in Colorado after completing eight years as a State Representative there."Al White is truly a man of integrity," Beck said before quipping, "he probably wouldn't do very well in Illinois politics." After graduating high school and serving in the Army, he enrolled in the University of Colorado.  He eventually moved to the mountains of Winter Park and began a career in the ski business.  Over the next 25 years, White owned and operated several full service ski shops, a bike shop, and a mountain lodge.  While a businessman, he served on several boards including recreation districts, water boards, and chambers of commerce. During his term in office, White was Assistant Majority Leader, Vice Chair of the Business Affairs and Labor Committee, member of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, and the Education Committee.  He also served on the Water Resources Review Committee and the Legislative Audit Committee, and was the House appointee to the Colorado Tourism Office board for six years. For the past three years, Sen. White has served on the Joint Budget Committee, comprised of only three members from the House and three members from the Senate."The Senator may not admit it yet," Beck said, "but the buzz on the streets of Denver is 'Al White for Governor.'"
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