• Welcome to Hillsboro Community School District No. 3

       Welcome to Hillsboro Community Unit School District #3 where the top priority is the achievement of all students. From early childhood education to college preparatory, career and technical training and special needs programs, Hillsboro schools offer programs and opportunities for every child to succeed. We combine a focus on reading, writing and mathematics with a broad range of electives and utilize technology as an integral part of the daily learning experience.
       A quality and caring staff, goes the extra mile to bring out the best in every student, and a supportive community helps enhance those efforts. In Hillsboro we place a strong emphasis on best practices and data-driven decision-making. Through prudent and sound fiscal management, the Board of Education has provided the necessary resources to support a strong educational system.
       We are very proud of our students, our staff and our school district and invite you to learn more about us. Please feel free to contact the webmaster at webmaster@hillsboroschools.net or any part of our administrative staff if you need any assistance with our website.    
Last Modified on June 27, 2023