• RTO Reduction Plan 

    Date: 5-18-2022 

    District: Hillsboro Community Unit School District #3 

    RTO Reduction Goal: The plan’s objective shall be a 25% reduction in the use of PR, TO, and ITO over a 12-month period for students experiencing five-plus instances in a 30 day period. 

    Provide details of a plan to support a vision for cultural change that reinforces the following:

    Oversight Committee Member Position/Title

    Zach Frailey Principal, Beckemeyer Elementary School

    Lyn Becker Assistant Director, Mid-State Special Ed/BCBA

    Kathy Baker Special Education Teacher, High School

    Bobbi Reynolds School Nurse, Jr and Sr High School

    Mindi Armbruster Assistant, ECE

    Nancy Reynolds Assistant, Beckemeyer

    Rick Cina School Social Worker (ECE-12)

    Laura Lessman 1st grade teacher, Beckemeyer

    Brandy Buske Program Coordinator (ECE-12)

    Required Components 

    Steps to Complete 

    Action Item 

    Action Item 


    Responsible Party

    A. Adopt positive 

    behavioral interventions 

    and supports

    -Each building in the district utilizes 

    positive behavioral systems and 


    -positive classroom and building 

    behavioral expectations 

    -Student interventionist 

    (Beckemeyer), Counselor (Jr. 

    High), Counselor (Sr. High), School 

    Social Worker (ECE-12) and (6-12), 

    School Psychologist (ECE-12). 

    -Social skill intervention small 

    groups (k-8), individual 9-12 

    -Bi-monthly K-1 social groups 

    -SEL curriculum ECE-12 

    -Wrap around plans with outside 

    agencies to encourage consistency 

    in behavioral support/responses 

    between home, school, and outside 


    -Sources for Strength Program at 

    Jr. and Sr. High 

    Continue to review 

    -BASC-3/ BESS (3-12) 

    needs of students 

    -SEL/Character Education with 

    and ensure current 

    incentive plans (Compassion in 

    interventions and 


    supports are 

    -Star Student 

    meeting the needs 

    of the students. 



    RTO Committee

    B. Best practices to 

    deescalate situation

    -Staff training in CPI de-esculation 

    -Crisis teams trained in full CPI 


    -Staff trained in trauma informed 

    Schedule trainings 

    care and restorative practices 

    to being in the fall 

    each year


    CPI Trainers

    C. Utilization of crisis 

    intervention techniques

    CPI is utilized as an intervention 

    technique when necessary (focus 

    is to have a hands off approach). 8 

    -Crisis teams in 

    hours of training is provided 

    each building will 

    annually to crisis teams in each 

    maintain required 

    building (CPI, Trauma Informed 


    Care, and Restorative Practices). 

    -Train new staff 

    -Jr and Sr High participates in 

    members in 

    Sources of Strength trainings 



    CPI Trainers

    D. Utilize debriefing 

    meetings to analyze 

    what/why RTO 

    occurred and ways to 


    E. Process for keeping 

    staff informed of 

    abuse/mental health 


    -Students use restorative 


    -Students and Staff use the 

    -Practice in social 

    COPING strategy. 


    -Team meetings to determine if 

    -develop restorative 

    additional supports, links to outside 

    questions reference 

    agencies are needed. 

    card/tips for staff 


    transportation staff 

    -Handle with Care information 

    are aware of 

    sheets are provided to staff at the 

    students who require

    elementary level. 

    positive behavioral 

    -Team meetings are held at the 

    responses; trauma 

    Jr/Sr high level 

    information care/ 

    -BASC-3/ BESS Student self report 

    restorative practices, 

    results are used to identify 

    information to 

    struggling students and the results 

    ensure students 

    are shared with those working with 


    the students 


    -Communication between 


    buildings; student transition 

    -Data reviewed each 






    Social Worker 

    School Psychologist Counselors 

    Student interventionist Admin 



    School Nurse 

    School Social Worker School Counselors

    F. Steps to develop 

    individualized student 

    plan apart form IEP/504

    A positive behavioral support plan 

    template will be provided to grade 

    Develop the support 

    level and department teams. 

    plan template(s) that 

    Meetings will be scheduled to 

    will be appropriate 

    complete the positive behavioral 

    for HS, JHS, and 

    support plan template as a team. 



    2022 & 

    Review by December 2022 to 

    ensure the forms are 

    meeting the need

    Lyn Becker 


    G. Make information 

    available to parents 

    Required information

    (RTO Plan, RTO 

    Rules, and ISBE 

    Complaint form) will 

    be posted on the 


    district webpage. 


    Technology Dept.

    The need to meet 

    more than annually 

    will be reviewed 

    each quarter based 

    H. Describe the 

    modification process 

    Yearly Oversight Committee meeting 

    upon student RTO 

    data. Annually Brandy Buske 

    Submit to: rtoreductionplan@isbe.net by June 30, 2022

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