• Hall of Fame Team Picture
    Hall of famers from the 2006 state champion girls basketball team, front row from the left, were Stacie Liebscher, Alex Ginos, Brooke (Beeler) Lynch, Sarah Puckett, and Shan Liddell. Back row: Mallory Zimmerman, Hope Schulte, Coach Bret Tuetken, Maria Pretnar, and Katie Homa.
    Photo courtesy of The Journal-News, Mike Plunkett
  • Hall of Fame 2014
    Hillsboro Athletic Hall of Fame inductees, front row from the left, are Lance, Donna, Scott, and Mark Westbrook representing Walter Westbrook, and in back, Matt Hughes, Terry Guthrie representing the 1914 state champion boys basketball team, Maria Pretnar, and Brooke (Beeler) Lynch.
    Photo courtesy of The Journal-News, Mike Plunkett
  • Topper Standouts Inducted Into HHS Hall Of Fame Sept. 6

    Two teams and six individuals were  inducted into  the  Hillsboro High School Athletic Hall of Fame on  Saturday,  Sept. 6,  during a banquet hosted by the  Hillsboro Sports Boosters.
    Enshrined were  the  1914 state champion boys  basketball team, the 2006   state  champion girls basketball team, 2006  golf state champion Brooke (Beeler) Lynch, 2007 shot put state champion Maria  Pretnar, 1991 and 1992  wres tling state champion Matt Hughes, three-sport star Walter Westbrook, 1924 one-mile state champion Pat McClurg, and 1935 shot  put state champion Tony Corso. They joined Mark Frailey, Tony Parola, Stan Wallace, Mary Beth Zimmerman, Harold Osborn, Ed  Dahler, and Buzz  Ott  in  the Hillsboro High School  athletic hall of fame.
    Terry Guthrie, grandson of Chester Guthrie who was  named to the all-tournament team for the1914  state  champions, accepted the  award for the  team. "I'm honored to be here on behalf of my grandfather and his teammates," he told  the  crowd.
    "The memories have been coming back  in bunches," Coach Bret Tuetken said in accepting the award on behalf of the  2006 state champions. "They   met  every challenge," he said of the  hall of fame  team's run to the  title. "It didn't matter if they were  playing the  Chicago Bulls, they would have thought they could beat them."
    Brooke (Beeler) Lynch, a member of the  state champion basketball  team who won the  golf state title that fall,  was  introduced by Coach Fuzzy Jacobs as  a golfer who "had  few competitors." "2006   was a  great  year for me," the  hall-of-famer said before thanking her family. "All of us are proud to be here."
    Maria Pretnar, also  a member of the  state champion basketball team who won the  shot  put state championship in 2007,  was introduced by her brother, Nic Pretnar, who said in shot put, "her competitor  was  this arbitrary number." "Throwing like  a girl  is  not  a bad  thing," the  hall of fame  state champion shot putter said in accepting the  award.  She  also thanked her coaches, trainers, and family with especially gracious words for her  father.
    "There will  probably never be another boy who equals his record in high school or even comes close to it," Coach Dave  Ball  said in introducing two-time wrestling state champion Matt Hughes, who went on  to a  collegiate all-American career and a hall of fame  world champion in UFC.  "I have never been the  most athletic person," Hughes said in accepting the  award.  "I'm  a big believer that you're a product of your environment. My dad taught me how to work and my brother taught me how to compete."
    The  award for hall of famer Walter Westbrook was  accepted by  the  inductee's wife,   Donna, and sons  Scott, Lance, and Mark. Scott described his father's athletic career and his  untimely death at age 38 in 1973. "He  was  a helluva guy  and a great athlete," Scott said.  "Dad would  be very  proud of his  home town, and he would  be very humbled  with this honor."
    Tobin Ott, public address announcer for Hillsboro basketball and football games and master of ceremonies for the  induction banquet, introduced the 1914 team as well as state champion runner Pat McClurg and state champion shot putter Tony Corso.
    Hillsboro Sports Boosters president Earlene Robinson opened the evening with words of welcome, Eric White auctioned sports memorabilia donated to the fundraiser, and the Hillsboro Knights of Columbus catered the meal. 
    2014 Hall of Fame complete article courtesy of Journal-News

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