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    About Our School

    Beckemeyer School is Hillsboro's only elementary attendance center. Situated on approximately thirteen acres, this kindergarten through fifth grade attendance center is built on the site formerly occupied by the town's fairground and original high school. The school's population averages nearly 615 students per year and currently houses five sections of kindergarten and first grades and four sections of second through fifth grades.. The school employs approximately eighty staff members, including cooks and custodians. The building is a one-level, brick structure with a cafeteria/gymnasium and an additional multi-purpose room.

    Twenty-six classroom teachers provide the basic core curriculum. In addition to the core classes, music, art, physical education, and library services are offered to all students. Support programs include Title I Reading and Math and a variety of special education services. Incorporation of technology into the curriculum is also a major focus of the school's learning environment. In addition to each classroom having four computers, the school has two well-equipped computer labs.

    Beckemeyer School also provides Response to Intervention assistance to our students that will help each child at their individual level of need. RtI organizes education services into three levels or tiers. Students with emerging difficulties in school are first given Tier I, universal support. If that help is not sufficient, they are next provided with Tier II, individual assistance. Students with significant school delays who do not respond to Tier I and Tier II interventions may be eligible for Tier III, intensive support. All of these services are provided prior to any type of special education testing. If all three levels of intervention fail to help the child improve, then they will be referred for specialized testing. 

Last Modified on August 9, 2014