• Feel free to replenish supplies throughout the year. 

    In addition, students are encouraged to bring in a water bottle with their name on it and a snack daily.  

    If you would like to supply a snack for the class on any day, please feel free to send the packaged snack anytime. 

    Mrs. Lynch will supply snacks for the first three days of school this year for anyone who forgets.  



    1 small pencil box (approximately 8 in x 5)

    2 small boxes of crayons (16 or 24)

    2 Classic Color Markers (Primary colors - 10 count)

    2 packages of sharpened, wood #2 lead pencils (No plastic please) 2 Pink Pearl Erasers

    2 Pink Pearl Erasers

    2 solid colored plastic pocket folders with brads (1 Red & 1 Blue) 

    1 pair of 5 in. sharp scissors (Fiskars work well)

    2 large boxes of tissues

    1 Elmer's White School Glue (No Ross Glue)

    6 glue sticks (No Dab' N  Stick)

    1 yellow highlighter

    2 wide ruled spiral notebooks

    4 dry erase markers (black)

    1 Watercolor - crayola or Prang

    1 pair of headphones


    Boys -1 pkg of gallon or sandwich Ziploc baggies & 2 pkg of Clorox Wipes

    Girls - 2 Packages of wet wipes & 1 package/ream of white cardstock.


     Tennis shoes are required on the days your child has P.E.

    Please label backpacks, coats, and lunch boxes with your child's name.  

    Please send your child with a clean CDC approved mask eash day.  

    Supplies should be replenished as needed. 

Last Modified on August 10, 2021