Past recipients include:
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2016 John M. Galer (Class of 1970)
William Reynolds (Class of 1983)
John Paden (Class of 1952)
William Cobetto (Class of 1980)
Lemar Hartman (Class of 1940)
Roger Reeves (Class of 1967)
Doug Fuehne (Class of 1986)
Dave Fuehne (Class of 1989)
2012Larry Mormino (Class of 1957)
James Hewitt (Class of 1985) 
2011 Harold Jurgena (Class of 1946)
Dr. John Lowe III (Class of 1960)
2010 Paul Coderko (Class of 1976)
Mary Hartline (Class of 1945)
2009Rick Vogel (Class of 1978)
Senator Al White (Class of 1968)
2008Dr. R. Joe Campbell (Class of 1950)
2007Carole (Hoover) Allen (Class of 1953)
Dr. Larry W. Laughlin (Class of 1963)
2006Matt Hughes (Class of 1992)
2005Dr. Roger McFarlin (Class of 1962)
2004Dr. David Darda (Class of 1975)
Brian Graden (Class of 1981)
2003Idabel Evans (Class of 1941)
Harold "Zeke" Funk (Class of 1945)
2002Dr. Nancy Cox (Class of 1974)
2001Bud Kelley (Class of 1950)
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