• Spotlight on community projects


    Mrs. VanMiddendorp’s Pre-K

    Connects with


    Tremont Ridge


    The Pre-K class visited residents of Tremont Ridge. The children made Valentine’s and gave one to each resident. They also sang a special song.


    The staff and residents were excited to have the children come and gave them each a snack while they visited and read a book to the children.   The classes were able to keep the book for their classroom.


    Mrs. Rivas Pre-K

    Connects with

    Clifford the Big Red Dog


    The Pre-K students in Mrs. Rivas’ class recently completed an author study of Norman Bridwell, the author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series.  The students learned some background information about Mr. Bridwell, participated in lots of fun class activities, wrote their own book about Clifford, and read many of the Clifford books. 

    To celebrate the end of the unit, the children had a pajama party with Clifford.  During the party, the students listened to a reading of Clifford’s Sleepover, made puppy chow, and each child received a book from Clifford himself! 

  • 3rd Grade

    Connects with

     Soldiers and Veterans

    The Third Grade Class collected items for Navy Troop ESIT (Embarked Security and Intelligence Team) Team 16 stationed in the Bahrain area.   They chose this particular troop because a parent of one of the third grade students is stationed there.  Their collections went directly to the ship and items collected were specified as needs at this time.

    The class assisted Ms. Billingsley in creating a bulletin board with photos of friends and relatives of students in the entire school, Pre-K thru 5th grade.  Students brought in photos and write ups of both current men and women serving our country, and past veterans from our community. 

  • 2th Grade

    Connects with

    Elderly Community Neighbors


         The Second Grade Class walked to elderly neighbors of the school and picked up sticks.   Coffeen School neighbors were excited to see them and thankful for their help in cleaning up yards in preparation for winter! 

         In addition to this project they also created bookmarks for the local nursing homes and men and women in the service.  

  • 5th Grade

    Connects with

    Montgomery Nursing and Rehabilitation

         The fifth grade class began working on a poetry unit in the last week of August.  The students then chose from different types of poems they learned about and wrote an original poem.  They then took their poem and created a birthday card.  The class then was able to visit Montgomery Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to present their cards to residents who had birthdays in September.  The remainder of the cards will be used throughout the year.

Last Modified on March 23, 2016