• I. Expectations
    • Show respect to everyone including yourself.
    • Use words that compliment, help, and support people .
    • Take care of the school, your belongings, and the belongings of others.
    • Always be where you are supposed to be.
    • Settle differences peacefully
    • Try to perform better each day.
    II. Rules
    • No Cheating! (Yes, borrowing someone's work is cheating!)
    • Be  Respectful
    • Come Prepared.
    III. Consequences
    • 1st offense: Verbal Warning
    • 2nd offense: Parent/Guardian Contact
    • 3rd offense: Referral (School's Discipline System)
    • *Some actions of misbehavior will immediately result in a referral and removal from class. 
    IV. Late Work Policy
    • Two late assignments are accepted per quarter without any consequences.
    • Additional late work may only be turned in if the student serves an after school with me. This after school is not an office detention, and therefore does not go on the discipline record.
    • Full credit is given for late work.
    • No late work is accepted more than two weeks after the assignment was originally due.
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Last Modified on August 18, 2015