• Class Rules
    1.   Watch Your Mouth-  Students will exhibit courtesy and respect toward teacher and all other students at all times.  Hateful comments, and profanity will not be tolerated.
    2.  Keep Your Hands to Yourself-  Physical contact of any kind is not permitted.
    3.   Stay in your seat-   Do not walk around during class unless directed to do so.   Have everything you need ready before class begins.
    4.   Leave Food at Home-   Students may not eat or drink (except water) in the classroom.  This includes candy.
    5.   I need to see your eyes.   Students may not sleep in class.  To prevent this, student's eyes must be visible to instructor at all times.
    6.   Nothing Goes Airborne.  No throwing things in class.
    7 Do Not Say "Shut Up"-  I don't use this phrase, so I don't expect anyone else to use it either, it is disrespectful.
    1st time students breaks a rule:      warning
    2nd time:                                       stay after class to remind them
    3rd time:                                       detention with me (usually in the morning)
    4th time:                                        referral
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Last Modified on September 1, 2015