Classroom Rules

    Mrs. Boston



    1. All Students must be in their seats before the tardy bell rings.
    2. All students must raise their hand to talk or get out of their seat.
    3. All books, pencils, and paper must be in the student’s possession each day.
    4. Homework is due on the day and hour assigned. Half credit will be given for homework turned in late.
    5. No soda or cell phones will be allowed.
    6. Cheating = zero
    7. Grading scale is 93,83,73,63
    8. Be kind and respectful to me and your peers.




    Consequences of misbehaving


    1st time – warning

    2nd time – warning

    3rd time – change seat and phone call home

    4th time – detention with teacher

    5th time – sent to office


Last Modified on February 25, 2020