• Western Civilization is a world history class that covers the development of the Western World.  We begin with Ancient Greece and move to Rome and the formation of France and England.  The class requires readings, developing the skill of taking good notes, listening, and answering questions.  Students will be assessed with homework, quizzes, unit tests and at least 1 class project.
    Consumer Education meets the graduation requirement for Consumer Economics.  This course is designed to provide individualized experiences that will lead to wise consumer practices and decision making.  In addition, students will study financial literacy that includes banking, budgeting, saving, filing taxes, buying a house, purchasing a car and the use of credit.  Students will be assessed with homework, chapter tests, and class projects.
    Sociology is an elective credit for Social Science.  In this course, students will learn and study the patterned ways in which people interact in social relationships.  Students will be assessed on classroom participation, homework, and chapter tests.
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