• Mr. Burge’s Class Procedures


    Rules and Expectations:

    1. Always do your best with the right attitude!

    --Learning math is not necessarily the most important goal of this class. Whether you struggle with math or excel at it, do not slack off, give up, or stop caring.  Keep trying to learn the basics or go above and beyond expectations.


    1. Don’t talk while Mr. Burge is talking.

    --There is to be no talking during class without permission.


    1. Be on time and come prepared for class.

    --Be in your seat ready to begin when the bell rings.  Also, do not leave class when the bell rings.  Wait to be dismissed.

    --Bring your pencil, textbook, notebook, paper, red pen, and homework with you every day.


    1. Treat others with respect.

    --Respect the teacher, substitute teacher, and administrators.

    --Respect each other.  Negative speech about others, gossip, cursing, and abusive language will not be tolerated.  Do not touch other students, either in affection or anger.  Respect each other’s property.


    1. Take care of all personal business between classes.

    --Talk to your friends, go to the office, go to your locker, use the restroom, do your make-up, text, etc. on your time between classes.



    Other Expectations and Procedures:

    1. Note-taking—Everyone is expected to take notes during class; that is the purpose of your note book. At times, your notes will be collected and checked. This will be counted as a homework grade. Also, homework may be kept in your folder to help review for quizzes and tests.
    2. Make-up work—When you are absent for any reason, you are responsible for the material and work missed while you were out. Please check planbook.com as soon as possible when you miss class to find out what you missed and what you will be responsible for.  Don’t necessarily rely on a friend or classmate to tell you what is due.  YOU are responsible!
    3. Class participation—While you are in my class, you are to be working on my assignments. Outside books and materials will be confiscated if you are working on them during my class.  If you are working on something for another class, I will give the teacher of that class whatever was taken.  If it was not for a class, it will be returned after school.  Also, do not work on assignments for my class during other classes.  It is also vital that you attend class as much as possible.  Anything due on a day that you are absent and unexcused will be counted late.
    4. Late assignments—Unless otherwise directed, homeowrk assignments are due when requested during class the school day after they are assigned. Assignments not turned in when collected in class will be considered late.  Late homework will be accepted for half credit if turned in by 8:10 a.m. the school day after it was due.  Projects will drop one letter grade for each school day they are late.
    5. Cell phone usage—Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away upon entering the classroom. This includes ear buds and smart watches.  Cell phones being used without permission will be turned in to the office.  This includes phones that ring, vibrate, or otherwise make noise while in your possession.
    6. Supplies—The following is a list of materials you will need.

    --binder or spiral bound notebook

    --loose-leaf lined paper (all homework is to be done on this; no spiral notebooks for things turned in, please)


    --pencil (homework is ALWAYS to be done in pencil)

    --red pen

    --graph paper

    --scientific calculator




          *Geometry students only

    Remote Learning addendum:

    1. Assignments should be completed in your own handwriting. You may use notebook paper, graph paper (where appropriate), or print out assignments.  Work must be hand-written and all steps must be shown. 
    2. To submit assignments, take a clear, well-centered photo that fills the viewing window (the picture should include only the assignment and as little as possible of the background) and submit in Schoology.
    3. Make sure submissions are bright enough and clear enough to be easily read. Make sure they include all problems.
    4. Follow all due dates. If there are questions, allow plenty of time for a response before assignments are due.
    5. Tests and quizzes will be scheduled to coincide with your assigned class hour on your schedule (following the in-school bell schedule). These will take place over Zoom (or other platform).  Your camera must be set up to show you and your work surface.  Please be logged in and prepared prior to the start time.  Tests and quizzes will have a time limit.  There will be an allowance of time for submitting responses (see #1-3 above).
    6. If there are any issues with being able to take a test or a quiz (illness, connection issues, etc.), a parent/guardian must contact the teacher similar to excusing an absence (ahead of time, if possible).
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Last Modified on August 12, 2021