• STEP work study
    The STEP Work Study Program  is a students centered transition curriculum based on the premise that students gain personal power when they set goals, learn employability skills, and make productive choices.  This class offers students appropriate training for adult roles in families and communities so that they may take charge of their live and their futures. Students will discover and practice skills that include:

    1. Skills to use in appreciating their own uniqueness.
    2. Methods of effective communication.
    3. Strategies for identifying and pusuing goal of their choice.
    4. Steps to take in furthering their education or training.
    5. Skills use in advocating for themselves.
    6. Steps to take to enter the career they have chosen.
    7. Action to take to becom valued, successful employees.
    8. Ways to become reponsible members fo their community.
    9. How to value and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    10. Choices that lead to enjoyable and high-quality leisure activities.
    For the Work part of this class, students will work either on campus or off campus in jobs that help students "practice" positive employment skills.  Students will learn appropriate work skills as well as social skills.  They will gain practice by doing hands-on tasks outside of the classroom.  
Last Modified on August 19, 2020