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    Welcome to ART!

    My name is Ms. Brooke Butler and I'm proud to be a teacher at HJHS! I started college at LLCC and finished my degree at SIUE. As soon as I graduated I was on the lookout for teaching jobs and I was bound and determined to have a job the next school year, and I did! I worked my first year teaching at Taylorville High School. I am beginning my 4th year of teaching, 3rd here at HJHS and loving every moment! It's always a good thing when your job doesn't really feel like a job, I love what I do and I'm very thankful to be where I am today!!

    Hobbies include: Hanging out with my adorable golden retrievers Evie and Bella, spending too much time at the gym, family time, shopping, and of course art!!


    Both Art 1 and Art 2 courses are filled with projects that will boost critical thinking skills, grow creativity, and develop communication skills through writing and talking about art.

    Student Expectations in the art room:

     Be an ARTIST...
    A-lways listen
    R-espect (all people, tools, and artwork)
    T-alk Quietly
    I-magine new things
    S-tay in your seat and on task
    T-hink like an artist!
    Schedule: 1st Hour-Art 2, 2nd Hour-Art 1, 3rd Hour- PREP, 4th Hour-Art 1, 5th Hour-LUNCH, 6th Hour-Art 1, 7th Hour-Art 2, 8th Hour-Art 2
    If you need to reach me please contact me during 3rd hour (9:55-10:46), during lunch, or anytime afterschool!
    Follow the Junior High Art Student work on Instagram!! Search for Ms.Butler's page: hjhs_art
    Art Show: March 16, 2018 6-7pm

    Current Staff

    Brooke Butler


    Art 1

    Unit/ Length

    Unit Objectives/ Big Ideas

    Basic Outline/ Structure

    Materials/ Text

    Content Vocabulary


    Fine Arts


    & Activities




    Students will understand how identity will play a role while making art. Each person is unique in their own way and their art will reflect their personalities and differences

    • Explain how everyone’s fingerprints are different

    • Fingerprints can show identity

    • Art shows identity through drawing

    • Computer paper

    • Colored pencils

    • Markers/Sharpies

    • Powerpoint given on fingerprinting/identity

    • Identity

    • Personality

    • Individuality



    • Brainstorming-lists of objects that represent each student

    • Grading Rubric

    • Discussion Daily-Q&A



    Elements and Principles of Art (16 terms)

    Drawing in one-point perspective

    Students will learn all about the importance of the elements and principles of art and how they play a role in the creation of any work of art.

    Students will also enhance drawing skills by learning one-point perspective techniques which will aid their drawing skills in projects to come throughout the year.

    • Learning art terms-elements and principles

    • Understand pencil drawing techniques-value and shading skills

    • 12X18 Paper

    • Sharpies

    • Pencils

    • Erasers

    • Handout of art terms

    • Powerpoints for explanations/Use of ELMO

    • Line

    • Shape

    • Texture

    • Form/space

    • Value/color

    • Rhythm

    • Emphasis

    • Balance

    • Variety/Pattern

    • Unity/contrast

    • Perspective/vanishing point/horizon line



    • Rubric aligned with project requirements

    • Daily discussion of art terms

    • Q&A

    • Demonstration

    • Formative assessment daily



    Color Theory-color wheel study and color schemes

    Line and Optical Illusions/Op Art Movement

    Printmaking techniques along with famous architecture around the world

    Students will study the color wheel and be able to label this correctly. They will also be aware of color schemes that go along with the color wheel.

    Students are introduced to Zentangle drawings using patterns and line designs which then leads into Optical Illusions. They study the history of the movement and are able to draw their own optical illusions.

    Students will also be exploring printmaking processes and learn how to successfully master this art skill. They will also be studying famous architecture around the world that aligns with the printmaking project.

    • Correctly label a color wheel

    • Mix the 3 primary colors to make all the other colors around the color wheel

    • Painting skills

    • Introduction to oil pastel skill

    • Students will learn art history

    • Drawing skills continue to improve

    • Research in the computer lab for a famous building of their choice-printmaking project

    • Records

    • Paint

    • 12X18 Paper

    • Colored Pencils

    • Printmaking supplies-foam, pencils, ink, brayers, trays

    • Oil Pastels

    • Powerpoints/images for introductions and lessons

    • Warm and cool colors

    • Analogous colors

    • Line

    • Op Art

    • Illusion

    • Printmaking

    • Brayer




    • Grading Rubric for each project

    • Daily discussion/focus questions

    • Color Wheel worksheet

    • Architectural building worksheet

    • Formative daily assessment

    • Demonstration



    Watercolor Techniques (Resist)

    Introduction to Still-Life Drawings

    Students will learn about using watercolor and resist processes that go along with watercolor techniques.

    Students will be introduced to still-life drawings and how to successfully draw from observation. They will draw what they see and practice drawing correct proportions.

    • Watercolor demonstrations

    • Students learn how watercolor resists the wax from a crayon

    • Students practice realistic drawing/drawing from life

    • 12X18 Paper

    • Watercolor, brushes, cups

    • Crayons

    • Pencils

    • Still-life objects

    • Powerpoints/images for motivation and introduction

    • Resist

    • Still-life

    • Foreground

    • Middle ground

    • Background



    • Daily discussion/demonstration

    • Formative assessment

    • Grading rubric aligned with art projects reiterating lesson objectives




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